Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pig Writes Haiku About Life In Foster Care.

The ennui, sometimes it overpowers me...

Call me Pig. I am 
small, snorty, pink and white 
with a curly tail. 

I am prostrate before your affections. 
Keep Going.

I lie on my back.
You rub my stomach. Did I
tell you to stop? No.

If this bothers you, we'd probably have a problem. 

Housebroken? Of course.
But you best believe that I
sleep on furniture.

The little ones, they move too quickly. No thank you. 

Adult hooman, I like
you well enough. Child, put your
hand near me, lose it.

This owl head represents my love of frolic. Indulge me. 

Throw my owl until 
your arm falls off or I get 
tired. Arm, too bad.

Your side, my side, beast.

Big dog, I do not
mind your existence if you
stay way over there. 

(2 weeks later)

Security System.

Big dog, I'll sound the
alarm. You look big, scary.
Everything is safe.

Don't be obtuse, human. I need this vantage point.
Car Ride.

Not ride up here? Why? 
Big dog is holding my leash.
Perfectly safe. Duh.

The ability to twerk does not make one less civilized.

I dance, I dance. Why?
Somewhere out there is my own
forever home.Want!

Yes, you. There. Come meet me!

Pig is a hysterically funny, very bright, independent chihuahua mix who's taking applications for a new home. As you might have guessed from his poetry, he's housebroken, rides well in cars and is okay with other dogs provided they don't expect him to be their best buddy. Cats are a grey area. Counting syllables is not always his strongest point. If you're interested in meeting such a charming fellow (as you should be) give his social secretary a call and set up a date. Her name is Casaundra and she can be reached at 408.262.2133 ext. 183. 

If you're just a chihuahua groupie and stopped by to admire this handsome fellow, that's totally understandable. But while you're here, help spread the word about our Chihuahua Project, which provides free spay/neuter and vaccines for Chihuahuas in certain San Jose zip codes. Chihuahuas are currently the most common dogs in shelters in this area. Pig, as well as the rest of us, finds this thought enormously distressing. Save the Chis! Promote Spaying/Neutering! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool! VOTE CATS!

Dogs vs. Cats!

Click here to vote for your favorite pet and register for a chance to win two tickets to our Furball gala in April.

But first thing's first, let us HSSV cats state our case.  Because when it come to a little lively competition, we are anything but scaredy-cats.  Unless of course, the competition involves a vacuum, then it's anybody's game.
You dogs may have tried your best to convince the humans that your species is "better" (an adorable, albeit pathetic attempt), but we think all of the intellectuals out there know the truth -- cats will always and forever be superior to dogs.  We have racked our particularly well-developed brains and have come to the realization that there simply is no reason you shouldn't vote cat.  Our hopelessly dopey dogs could only muster up five reasons to vote for them (poor souls), so now it's our turn.  Here are SIX reasons to Vote Cat!

1. We are civilized.
Like Hansel here.  Which is why he's already been adopted.
Case in point: the litterbox.  While that big, slobbery, messy thing tends to do it's business wherever it so pleases -- your shoes, the neighbor's lawn, under the bed -- us cats have been using litterboxes since we were the size of a pear.  And do you see that?  We even buried it for you, because yes, we hate the smell as much as you do.  Does the dog do that?  I think not.  You're welcome, humans. 

2. We aren't needy buffoons.  We ARE great roommates.
And great conversationalists, like Pico de Gato.
We know for a fact that we are the chillest pets around.  You can rest assured knowing we won't bark like a maniac and wake the neighbors, we definitely won't jump up on strangers and whine to be held, and we would never be caught staring at you.  Every. Second.  Of every.  Day.  We require zero walks, minimal petting, and very little maintenance.  Cats are kinda like the roommate you've always wanted -- we'll pretty much stick to our own thing, but at the end of the day we're happy just chillaxin on the couch and watching awesomely stupid YouTube videos with you (like this one.  Vote cat).

3. Two words. Laser light.
Blake just can NOT take the excitement of that mysterious red dot.  Or his blue bunny.  Or your shoelaces.
What other animal can you exercise without even getting out of your chair?!  We're not saying be lazy, but we're not NOT saying it either.  Just do these two things: number one, buy a laser light.  Number two, push the button.  That's it.  No fumbling with tangly leashes.  No having to touch gross, slobbery tennis balls.  No driving to the dog park.  Just push a button and we'll get all the exercise we'll need for the whole day (minus the nighttime zoomies we will inevitably do on top of you in bed.  Just 'cuz).  Us cats don't mind this sort of workout because we know for a fact that that light can be caught.  And one day we WILL catch it.

4. Bath-time?  Unnecessary.
Freckle says: "Hey, dogs.  Ever heard of a tongue?  Wouldn't hurt you to use it once in awhile.  Just sayin'."

5. We will always and forever be adorable.
No joke, have you ever had a cat that was ugly?  Actually, scratch that (pun intended).  Forgot about these guys.  But seriously, even senior kitties are freakin' CUTE!  You will rarely see a cat go gray or look her true age.  Cats will always age beautifully, making for nonstop photo ops, like this adorable cat selfie.  Which brings us to reason number six to vote cat...

6. If you really need another reason, just google "cats."

 The internet is made for cats.  Old cats, funny cats, smart cats, cats riding Roombas.  We double DOG dare those dogs to find as many awesome websites about them.

There's a cat website for when you're feeling silly, and one for when you're feeling nostalgic.  This one could make your own feline famous, and you can get a little eye candy from this one.  This one will distract you from daily stresses, and you artsy right-brained people will appreciate this one.  Need we go on?  We could, but we're not 100% positive the dogs are following us at this point.

So now that our cats have convinced you why they are the obvious choice for best pet, click here to vote cat!  You know you want to...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Smack Talking Dog Throwdown! Vote DOGS!

If you haven't heard, we're taking the great debate public: dogs vs cats. Click here  to vote for your favorite pet and register for a chance to win two tickets to our Furball gala in April. Send postcards to your friends urging them to vote for even more chances to win! Next week, the cats are going to come out to rally for votes and throw some mud* on their opponents but in this week's dog blog, the adoptable pooches of HSSV implore you to vote dog. 

Per Our Pooches, Five Reasons To Vote Dog.

What's in that box? It's delicious. 
1) I'm Man's Best Friend. He's Your Weird Roommate That Poops In A Box. 

Per Petey: Wait, hold on - he's allowed to poop in the house? I'd never poop in your house. Not only will I never poop in the house, I'll always be stoked to see you when you come home. And when you want to hang out with me, I won't give you a dirty look and go hide under the bed, I promise. 

Party on Paws: that's right, I am one. 
2) That Cat's Not Catching Your Frisbee. 

Carly responds: Want to play ball? Don't call him. Do you know what happens if you throw me a toy? A party. It turns into a party. And it can go on for hours. You know what happens if you throw the cat a toy? You get a dirty look and the toy stays on the ground. And no one enjoys that. It's pretty clear to me: Like fun? Vote dog. 

I love the smell of the wind in my ears. And rabbit poop. 
3) You Can Take Your Cat Hiking - If You've Got About Six Weeks To Burn. 

Corky's got this one: Okay, so we'll admit that there are some cats that walk on leash and walk pretty well. There was Muffin, who's since been adopted, and this guy. But here's the thing: they're not going anywhere quickly. You take a walk with the cat, you walk at the cat's pace. You take a walk with me, we walk at your pace. Jogging? That's cool, too. You try and take the cat jogging you're coming home with bloody legs and a furious cat. 

Pibble soup! Get it? 
4)  I Need A Bath And Both Of Us Will Survive This.

Danny Boy: Look, it's not my favorite thing in the world. There's this soap that smells weird, and the awful hosey thing and sometimes they try and clean your ears and you're like "Hey lady, I'm not putting my paws in your head, let's not get overly familiar here". But it's not the end of the world. You just take a deep breath, maybe sigh a lot and get that look like you're being axe-murdered and you get through it. Unless you're a cat. Then you flay someone alive if they try and bathe you. Like clean pets and want to live? Sounds like a vote for dog to me!

If I'm upset with you, I might eat your shoe but I'm not going to sneak-pee in it.
5) The Cat Is A Little Sneak. 

Panda says: I'm a dog. I'm about as subtle as a clown in a funeral parlor. Seriously, if I want to follow you into the bathroom and watch you shower, you're going to know about it. You'll hear my nails on the floor, I'll bump into the door on my way in and probably stick my nose around the shower curtain to make sure you're okay in there. The cat, though, he's sneaky. You'll be showering away thinking you're all by your lonesome. Then you go to get out and BAM, there he is, sitting on the back of the toilet, staring at you. No one needs a Janet Leigh moment like that, seriously. Vote Dog for the win. 

Can't we all just get along? 

*We really, really hope that's mud.

PS - Beware the Maui-gator.

We hear they run wild around here. Or sleep wild. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Free Feline Fridays!

Feeling forlorn?  Finding yourself forsaken and frustrated for lack of friends?  Fear not!  For we have the fix for you!  

Our fabulous felines are 
FREE to adopt every Friday
from now through September 22nd. 

Felines like Felicity and Frankie and Flynn!

Young felines, old felines, felines who climb on rocks.  Frankly, any feline featured in our three first-rate facilities is fee-free on Fridays.  Fantastic deal?  For sure!  You'd be a fool not to further your search for a feline friend.  So next Friday, follow your feet and fill your heart with a new cat or kitten!

Even though cats and kittens are FREE on Fridays for the next month, they are still available to adopt on every other day of the week!  HSSV is open Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm, Sat-Sun 10am-7pm.  Come on in and meet them!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Celebrate Useless Holidays With An Awesome New Adopted Dog!

August is such a bittersweet month. On one hand it's summer: beach, trips, vacation, warm weather - yay! On the other hand it's usually too hot and the prospect of fall and/or school days looms large - boo!

The good news is August also hosts a lot of really, really ridiculous holidays you never knew or cared existed before. The dogs of HSSV would like you to know about these as all of them are prime opportunities to call in sick and adopt a dog like you've been meaning to all summer. 

For instance, did you know August is National Admit You're Happy Month?

I'm so happy I just peed in the pool. 

Do you get sucked in to the romance of melancholia? Addicted to drama and have a hard time admitting everything is actually hunky dory? Put your Morrissey shirt away and come in and meet Patches. Medical studies have proven it is clinically impossible to be sad when confronted with a dog in a kiddie pool with a stuffed owl. True fact. It's from the Mayo Clinic or something. We swear.*

August 8th is National Sneak A Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day.

I swear it wasn't me...

While we don't have any dogs who can grow zucchini, we do have some drop-dead adorable pups like two month old Logan. While he won't sneak a zucchini on the porch, puppies will leave you something sneaky in the hallway that requires Febreze to clean up if you don't keep an eye on them. However they are adorable and fun and therefore worth the hassle. 

August 10th is National Lazy Day.

Every day is National Lazy Day. It's National Lazy Lifetime for me...

Maui totally has this one. She'll take the 15th, too, which is National Relaxation Day. Naps on the sofa are better with a corpulent snoring boxer mix. Another clinically proven medical fact. **

August 18th is National Bad Poetry Day.

Mirchi gives it a shot:
I've got this. Before I was a shelter dog I was an English major***
Roses are red.
Adopt me.

Oof. Not great. Polly, you want to try? 
I'm no Maya Angelou but I'll have a go...

How do I tell thee...
I pooped in the kitchen.

August 23rd is National Ride The Wind Day. 

I'm a plane! I'm a big puffy, curly plane!
Baxter is on this one like frosting on cake. He might not stay airborne for long, but he's totally willing to keep trying.

And finally August 28th is Race Your Mouse Day.

Oh trust me, I'll make that mouse run.....
Niko is very, very interested in the prospect of watching any rodents you might have racing. That said, please don't let him as we don't trust his intentions. 

Now that you have a plethora of reasons to take a day off, call in and come meet the pooches. 

*Totally made-up.
** Absolute horsepucky but we believe it to be true. 
***No offense to English majors. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Nine Lives of a Shelter Cat

Answer honestly.

Do you love Humane Society Silicon Valley?  Are you that person who checks the available animals list daily, perusing the pages for newbies?  Have you ever noticed the abundance of cats and kittens available for adoption?  Ever wonder where all of our cats come from? 
 You are not alone!  

One of the most common questions we are asked here at HSSV is 

"Where did all you get all of these cats?!"  

Here's a quick shortlist of the nine lives of shelter cats:

9. The stray
Cats like Cersei are brought to us after losing their way.  Perhaps their owners have moved, leaving them behind.  Maybe they found a way out of the safety of their family's home.  Either way, if a cat is brought to us without an ID tag or microchip, the chances of finding their owners is slim.  Luckily, they have a spot here with us while they wait for a new home.

8. The surrender
Patches was an owner surrender.  In his case, his owners developed allergies and were unable to keep him.  There are many reasons why a pet will be surrendered, but the number one reason is the economy.  These days, even the best of pet owners may be forced to move out of their home and into a place that doesn't allow pets.  The good thing for you as adopters is that we will often have a thorough background on the cat's behavior in a home environment, so we can better prepare you for what to expect when you bring your new kitty home!

7. The litter of kittens
Kittens!  Kittens!  Kittens!  Litters of kittens start trickling through our doors every Spring, brought in by people who have found the babies living in their backyard, behind buildings or on their workplace campus.  Usually, if the kittens are very young, it is best to leave them be in the hopes that mama cat is close by searching for food.  But when they do end up coming through our doors, we do everything we can to get them ready for adoption.

6. The feral
Through our Trap-Neuter-Release (or TNR) program, we see many feral cats circling through our shelter.  Most of the time, feral cats are brought into our medical center to be spayed/neutered and microchipped before being released back to their outdoor homes.  But sometimes, being released is not an option for some kitties.  Luckily, we have space here at our shelter for them to become...

5. The garden cat
Feral or semi-feral cats that have nowhere to go have a space here in our Cat Garden where they live while waiting for a permanent gig as a working cat.  If an adopter is looking solely for an outdoor kitty to help with pest control in their barn, warehouse or garden, these kitties will make the perfect match!

4. The transfer in
Our Regional Rescue team at HSSV makes weekly visits to local shelters with the goal of helping create more space at crowded neighboring shelters, resulting in more adoptions!  Willow is just one of many transfer ins available for adoption here at HSSV.

3. The pet guardianship cat
In the event of an owner passing away, the Pet Guardianship Program allows beloved pets to find a new home through adoption at HSSV.  Such was the case for this cutie, Butterball.  Read more about the program here.

2. The mama cat
Cindy Pawford and her babies are just one example of a mama cat that was found with her babies in need of some TLC.  When the kittens are too young to be adopted, they will often be put in a foster home with their mother or be given a special room in our nursery before they are made available for adoption.  Luckily for Cindy, a good samaritan brought her and her babies to us to find them all homes -- Cindy's still looking!

1. The second-chance cat
Every single one of the kitties in our care have been given a second chance at life.  They each have had their own journey getting here and now that they have settled into shelter life, they are looking for a real home of their own.

If you are looking to adopt, think Shelters First!