Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pig Writes Haiku About Life In Foster Care.

The ennui, sometimes it overpowers me...

Call me Pig. I am 
small, snorty, pink and white 
with a curly tail. 

I am prostrate before your affections. 
Keep Going.

I lie on my back.
You rub my stomach. Did I
tell you to stop? No.

If this bothers you, we'd probably have a problem. 

Housebroken? Of course.
But you best believe that I
sleep on furniture.

The little ones, they move too quickly. No thank you. 

Adult hooman, I like
you well enough. Child, put your
hand near me, lose it.

This owl head represents my love of frolic. Indulge me. 

Throw my owl until 
your arm falls off or I get 
tired. Arm, too bad.

Your side, my side, beast.

Big dog, I do not
mind your existence if you
stay way over there. 

(2 weeks later)

Security System.

Big dog, I'll sound the
alarm. You look big, scary.
Everything is safe.

Don't be obtuse, human. I need this vantage point.
Car Ride.

Not ride up here? Why? 
Big dog is holding my leash.
Perfectly safe. Duh.

The ability to twerk does not make one less civilized.

I dance, I dance. Why?
Somewhere out there is my own
forever home.Want!

Yes, you. There. Come meet me!

Pig is a hysterically funny, very bright, independent chihuahua mix who's taking applications for a new home. As you might have guessed from his poetry, he's housebroken, rides well in cars and is okay with other dogs provided they don't expect him to be their best buddy. Cats are a grey area. Counting syllables is not always his strongest point. If you're interested in meeting such a charming fellow (as you should be) give his social secretary a call and set up a date. Her name is Casaundra and she can be reached at 408.262.2133 ext. 183. 

If you're just a chihuahua groupie and stopped by to admire this handsome fellow, that's totally understandable. But while you're here, help spread the word about our Chihuahua Project, which provides free spay/neuter and vaccines for Chihuahuas in certain San Jose zip codes. Chihuahuas are currently the most common dogs in shelters in this area. Pig, as well as the rest of us, finds this thought enormously distressing. Save the Chis! Promote Spaying/Neutering! 

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