Friday, February 8, 2019

Our Favorite Mischief Makers

They are awesome dogs. Sweet. Playful. Completely amazing in their own unique ways. 

They're also a little bit...naughty. Some are socially awkward. And just like us, they're imperfect. But somewhere out there is the human equivalent of each of these dogs, just waiting to find the counterpart that will complete them. And honestly? That could be you.

Alix: Crème de la Crème

In a sea of naughty huskies, Alix rises toward the top. She's the crème de la crème of mischievous kids. She jumps, she weaves, she pulls on the leash. She needs to smell all the things, and she needs to herd them now. Alix doesn't have time for you to stop and smell the roses - she's already on to the next bush, and you need to keep up. 

Alix is also the winner of our Most Improved Award. When Alix first came to us, she was conflicted about other dogs, and wasn't sure what she was supposed to do with them. But these days, she's the star of playgroups. She loves to play and uses her athletic skills to her advantage. She can also be just a teensy bit rude when she first greets another dog in her excitement to show them how awesome she is. In short: Alix is fabulous, and she knows it. If you get to meet her, consider yourself lucky.

Tonka: Bull in a China Shop

Have we ever met a naughtier pup than Tonka? Probably, but he definitely rises toward the top of the list. A big, bouncy boy with an unfiltered love for meeting people, Tonka is A Lot of Dog. He's not a dog for the faint of heart - he's the type of dog that people who really, really love squishing dogs' cheeks would fall for. 

Tonka lives to play with other dogs. He's also incredibly bouncy, a little too in your face, and a little socially unaware. The long and short of it? Tonka is a bull in a china shop no matter where he goes. But he wants you to know that he's trying really hard.

Monte: Socially Awkward, Sweet as Pie

Speaking of A Lot of Dog, Monte has that base totally covered. He wants what he wants and he wants it NOW. Monte is that kid in class who never really learned his manners. He's forward, a little rude, and greets people waaaaay too enthusiastically. But really - who wants a dog that ignores them when they come home after a long day? 

Monte's a bit rowdy. He's energetic. He likes to be on the move and he needs a bit of pushing and prodding to find the right outlet for his energy. He's super naughty, but also super sweet once he's gotten his ya-yas out. Monte's a wind-up toy that can go from 100 to 0 in ten seconds flat. Which is fun, right?

So there you have it. These dogs are perfectly imperfect, and we love every inch of their unruly exuberance. We strongly believe there are other people out there who will see their quirks as fun instead of faulty. So if you're thinking "I'm a little too much for most people too" or "I'm also a little socially awkward", you might just need to come visit us. We have your other halves here, and they're  bursting to meet you.

(Plus - did we mention? All the dogs mentioned here, plus the rest of our adult crew, have $20 adoption fees until 2/17. We're not kidding.)