Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We Could Use A Hand Over Here.

Excuse me - you there...

Hello. Ummm...hi. Over here please.
Hey there, may we have a word? Yes, you. I'm pointing at you. The one reading this. 
You don't notice us looking at you? 
We could use a hand. Not a paw - we have sixteen of those...

Oop. Sorry Murph. 

Anyhoo, we meant we need a human hand. 

Just like this one. Thanks hooman. 
See, we're a little short on dog and puppy foster homes right now.  These are folks who take animals in their home temporarily to help them get new homes. These homes are super crucial to saving us. So we're looking for more. 

Because some of us come in too little to be adopted..

Who ordered the teaspoon of puppy?
And need a place to grow up for a few weeks before they can be adopted out. 

Some of us have had a woopsy...

My bad.
Or needed some extra medical help..

I needed a little work done. 
And need a place to recuperate for a while. 

Some us just can't deal with being at the shelter..

I am a chihuahua of the wind. You cannot contain me in your paltry shelter. 
Or are a little spooked by the whole experience

It's a great place. It's just not for me. 
And need to hang out in a home until we get adopted. 

Some of us just plain need a little more space and less fuss...

I'm a double-order-of-belly-rub kinda guy. 
to get through this whole homeless phase. 

If you have other pets..

What do you mean we're not related?
that's cool. It's good for us to be around our own kind. And little ones...

So if I look at this lady I might get a cookie? Good to know. 
can always use a role model.

If you want a dog but can't commit to a lifetime yet..

Look! I rented a hooman until my forever home found me!
Then you can be a temporary life-saver. Which is pretty absurdly awesome.

If you have kids...

It's okay she snores, Mom. She's a good cuddler. 
That's cool because it seems everyone benefits from it. 
So tell me honestly - how do people get signed up for this gig?
All you have to do is attend a foster dog orientation..

We have two coming up - one on September 3rd and another on September 17th. 

We provide the food, the toys, the beds, everything...

I've got my enormous caterpillar packed already! I'm good to go!
You just bring the love. We'll see you there.

With a big old smile on our faces. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Big Dog Blog That Wasn't.

Hey little dogs... You're awesome. 

We know. Check me out. 
And we love love love to blog about you because you come in so many flavors and colors and attitudes..

My brand is 'sporty lite'.

But what?
But this week we need to ask you to step aside..

Nobody puts Bree in a corner. 
Easy there, Bree. It's just that after the ridiculous, re-donk-ulous, amaze-balls success of Clear The Shelters we were able to help some of our buddy shelters in more rural areas out by taking some of their pooches. So we find ourselves with a lot of big kids from the valley and they can use the blog space this week.

Wait - so we're losing blog space to big dogs from a non-tech area?
Okay, stop. These big bubbas deserve loving homes, too. And they came a long way to be here after spending time in some crowded shelters out there. Kids like Gordon..

Thanks guys. This place is great.
Who just cannot get over the dog park here and is so stoked that he doesn't even know if he wants to find a forever home. (Sorry Gordon, you do. Trust on this one. It only gets better).

Or sweet Nashville who looks like a police dog..

Maybe not so much in this picture.

But is terrified of shiny floors and much prefers little dogs to big dogs.
And gentle, shy Gertie who...

Who what?
Wait, Gertie - you're not a big dog.

But I am from the Valley and have an adorable underbite. 
We won't disagree about the adorable underbite. But this was supposed to be a big dog blog. 

Excluding dogs based on size is wrong. It's size-ism. 
Okay, that's legit. But Lovey, you are a big dog. 

So now Lovey's opinion doesn't matter because she's a big dog?

We give up. Here's three takeaways from this week's blog:

  • We have a lot of big dogs coming up for adoption. Watch our website.
  • A dog is a dog is a dog, be they big or small.
  • Don't get into an argument with a terrier. You won't win. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

A Tale Of Three Kitties...

This is Eddie The Echo. He's a purr-beast, love nugget and all around cuddle monster. 
And there's Addison. She's a party monster, lap-hoarder and so adorable you might have just made a noise at your desk. 

Best of all there's little Charlie who is incredibly sweet, very brave and super loving.

What up? 
Yes, you noticed that she's a wee bit different. We'll get to that. In case you haven't noticed the trio's startling similarity to each other, they're siblings. They came to us when they were two weeks old - just teensy little hamster looking things. 

Nothing like kitten cocktails in the kitchen...
They weren't very healthy when we got them. In fact they were in pretty bad shape: plagued with constant colds and snotty-nosed. With the love of their foster fam, they got better and grew big and strong. 

Kitten milk - get in ma belly!
Which brings us back to Charlie's eyes. The constant infections when she was a teeny little hamster kitten left Charlie pretty vision impaired. 

But I can always find the sunny spot!
She can see but just barely. It's like everything is covered in a heavy sheet of wax paper. Don't get us wrong - she can still raise hades with the best of them. She was the instigator in this attempted kitty-carrier-breakout..

And she's got her routine down. She likes to sleep in her kitty scratcher, which her foster fam is sending with her. 

I like to multi-task - scratch, nap, scratch, nap...
And she enjoys playing with her sibs, who never treat her any differently. 
Plotting world domination? We would NEVER!!
Here's the thing: while she is a purring little love muffin, she will sometimes hide if she's someplace unfamiliar. No biggie - you would too if you weighed as much as a can of soda and couldn't get a good read on what's going on around you. Her sibs watch out for her and tend to act as her seeing eye cats. 

So here's the curtain - reach up and climb. I'll help you. 
She doesn't need to go with both of them but it would be nice if she could find a home with one of them. Just to help her keep her bearings. 

The threesome is currently at our Petco Sunnyvale NAC waiting for a home. We're having an awesome Teen Dream promotion this weekend in honor of Petco's National Adoption Weekend so the adoption fee for these guys is just $50. You could bring Charlie AND a seeing-eye sibling home for just $100! 

Let's get on this, shall we?