Friday, August 5, 2016

A Tale Of Three Kitties...

This is Eddie The Echo. He's a purr-beast, love nugget and all around cuddle monster. 
And there's Addison. She's a party monster, lap-hoarder and so adorable you might have just made a noise at your desk. 

Best of all there's little Charlie who is incredibly sweet, very brave and super loving.

What up? 
Yes, you noticed that she's a wee bit different. We'll get to that. In case you haven't noticed the trio's startling similarity to each other, they're siblings. They came to us when they were two weeks old - just teensy little hamster looking things. 

Nothing like kitten cocktails in the kitchen...
They weren't very healthy when we got them. In fact they were in pretty bad shape: plagued with constant colds and snotty-nosed. With the love of their foster fam, they got better and grew big and strong. 

Kitten milk - get in ma belly!
Which brings us back to Charlie's eyes. The constant infections when she was a teeny little hamster kitten left Charlie pretty vision impaired. 

But I can always find the sunny spot!
She can see but just barely. It's like everything is covered in a heavy sheet of wax paper. Don't get us wrong - she can still raise hades with the best of them. She was the instigator in this attempted kitty-carrier-breakout..

And she's got her routine down. She likes to sleep in her kitty scratcher, which her foster fam is sending with her. 

I like to multi-task - scratch, nap, scratch, nap...
And she enjoys playing with her sibs, who never treat her any differently. 
Plotting world domination? We would NEVER!!
Here's the thing: while she is a purring little love muffin, she will sometimes hide if she's someplace unfamiliar. No biggie - you would too if you weighed as much as a can of soda and couldn't get a good read on what's going on around you. Her sibs watch out for her and tend to act as her seeing eye cats. 

So here's the curtain - reach up and climb. I'll help you. 
She doesn't need to go with both of them but it would be nice if she could find a home with one of them. Just to help her keep her bearings. 

The threesome is currently at our Petco Sunnyvale NAC waiting for a home. We're having an awesome Teen Dream promotion this weekend in honor of Petco's National Adoption Weekend so the adoption fee for these guys is just $50. You could bring Charlie AND a seeing-eye sibling home for just $100! 

Let's get on this, shall we? 

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