Friday, July 29, 2016

A Very Sad Panda Goodbye To Two HSSV Superheroes.

We are very sad pandas today. 

We are so sad that we're actually sadder than this puppy's best puppy dog eyes look. 

Which is pretty stinkin' sad. Even Scamp looks forlorn.

Because we LOVE heroes. And today we lose two of our biggest heroes. No, they're not dead. They're just moving. But we don't know what we'll do without them. Except maybe write a blog so everyone knows what rockstars they are. But first we need to double down on the sad.

You can't leave us...
Elizabeth and Kevin have been with us for over a decade as volunteers. We can't say what-all they did or else this would be a novella. They did EVERYTHING. They made videos...

Including the iconic Eddie The Terrible video. 

They took wonderful pics...

Rub my belly and never, ever leave. 
That helped countless animals find new homes.

They helped with events...

They took dogs like Wiggles to medical appointments..

You aren't leaving, are you? Because you  helped me walk again.
Even when those appointments were in Davis and required hours in the car. They helped run our foster department, getting pooches like Rosie into temporary homes to recuperate while they waited for their forever home. 

If I wear flowers will you stay? 
Despite being absurdly accomplished professionals in their field, they cleaned kennels, washed windows and did about sixty five million loads of laundry. 

(dog is actor playing Kevin)
Because that's the kind of heroes they are. They didn't just do the big, glorious stuff. They also did the boring, occasionally icky, daily stuff that needed to be done. 

We're gonna need a clean up on aisle five - every ten minutes.
They were leaders, mentors, and trainers. Not just to volunteers but to staff, too. Because everything they did, they did exceptionally. The one thing they never, ever did was say no. 

That's a lotta puppy poo up above me. You guys are saints. 
And they taught us so much about human goodness, heroism and love. With all they did, they helped shepherd of thousands of animals into loving homes over the years. 

Thanks for all your help finding me this awesome forever person!
As they move out of the area, we know another shelter and many thousands more animals will be so lucky to have them in their lives. Many, many more animals will have a Kevin-and-Elizabeth smile on their face. 

I'll smile bigger if you stay. 
So please joining us in saying two things. Good bye, we'll miss you horribly...

And thank you. 

*You might notice that we refrained from using Kevin and Elizabeth's last name or photos of them. That's because we didn't ask permission to do a blog on them - we just plowed ahead because they are too amazing not to acknowledge their loss. Also because we haven't ruled out locking them in the building and refusing to let them leave.


  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

  2. Thank you Kevin and Elizabeth... beautiful blog post!!

  3. You two are amazing! Can't wait to hear about your next chapter up north.