Thursday, July 21, 2016

Seven Reasons Missing Clear The Shelters Would Be A Crying Shame...

In case you don't follow us social, haven't turned on a TV in a while or just don't pay attention to these things, Saturday July 23rd we'll be partnering with our buddies at NBC Bay Area for Clear The Shelters. It's a big nationwide event that strives to empty the shelters and find loving homes for thousands of animals - including the little muffins in our care. Adoption fees on all pets will be waived that day. 

If you hadn't planned on being here, you should. And our pooches have seven great reasons not to miss it. 

1) Because pets will be flying out of here. 

Airborne Hairball incoming!
Last year we really did almost Clear The Shelter. Our buddies from NBC were here putting a bunch of our cuties on air and folks came flocking in to adopt them. So if you're looking for a new family member come down and come early because, well...

This is my 'I'm outta here' dance. Watch me go!
they will be rocketing out of here.

2) Because Lady, Shorty Snorty Wigglebutt Blockhead Extraordinaire and Queen of Amazing Facial Expressions will be holding court..

I call this 'wistful and hopeful'.
showing off her cornucopia of awesome faces...

And this is 'excited and happy'.
and entertaining suitors that can handle this much awesome.

This one I call 'derp'.
If you don't come, she'll probably make her incredulous face..

And this is my 'what do you mean you were going to skip it?' masterpiece.
And you won't be here to see it.

Plus we heard Muffin wants to go mano-a-mano (or face-a-face) to try and claim her title with some silly rubber-face of her very own.

I've got more pounds of cheek per square inch than the rest of this shelter combined.
So that could be fun.

3) All Crazy Hair, All Day Long...

I went for beachy waves but it didn't work out. 
Oh yes. There will be scruffnuggets..

Some people part their hair on the left - I point mine towards the left. 
And pooches that might be part dryer lint..

It's possible. But I'm not telling you where all those missing socks went. 
Some dogs rockin' the just-got-out-of-bed look...

Would you believe I just woke up like this?
And the straight-up bad hair day. Seriously, don't worry about dressing up to come in, these guys didn't. You, like them, are perfect just the way you are. 

4) Because CheeChoo is still here..

It's a beautiful day. It's always a beautiful day. 
And he's still awesome and really, really hoping that today will be his day.

5) Because Jimmy will be totally shocked if you don't make it..

Okay. He won't be. That's just sort of Jimmy's face. But Louie will be completely vexed if you skip it..

Okay, he won't either. He's just missing some teeth so he makes a lot of vexed faces.  But he would love to see you there. He's a super sweet old guy and no one likes to see a super sweet old guy disappointed. Do you? Okay then. 

6) Poopies.

I poop in your shoes? And you love me forever?
There will be poopies. Do we even need to expand on this? 

What can I destroy today? I lurf you...
We have a bunch of adorable little instruments of mass destruction. They're sure to spray pee all over your home, chew up your shoes and make you love them for all eternity.  Because that is what poopies do. 

7) We hate to be redundant but...

Kitten-pocalypse is coming....
We're up to our ears in these little guys. We have so many of them that, should they choose, they could overthrow the shelter and take over the world. Obviously we don't want that to happen. They need to be shuttled into loving homes. Quick. 

Don't disappoint Louie. Don't miss Lady's awesome faces. Come by. All four of our locations will be waiving adoption fees on all pets. Saturday July 23rd. See you there. 

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