Saturday, April 28, 2012


Bill and Dixon

Looking for a feisty feline duo who will entertain you day and night? Bill and Dixon might just be the perfect pair for you, as they love, love, LOVE to play!

Bill and Dixon came to us at two separate times, and although not related by blood, the two quickly took to one another. Their bond has become familial, and where one goes, the other is sure to follow! Because of that, we are asking they be adopted together, where they will warm your heart with love and affection!


Both may be slightly shy upon first meeting, but after pulling out their favorite feather wands, they will jump into the fray and show you their pouncing prowess! Dixon loves pets during play time, and will arch his back for a good rump scratch or two. Bill, on the other hand, likes to lurk in the shadows, and will continuously pounce and retreat to his cat tree. Once he's gotten to know you, he will come out from his kitty tree and accept some good cheek rubs!

If these two handsome lads sound like the cats for you, come down to our Animal Community Center in Milpitas and ask to meet with them today.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Caturday: Michaela the Love Bug

Looking for a long haired love bug with an adorable spot on her nose? Then look no further than our very own Michaela!

Michaela came to us after her family was forced to move, losing both her human and feline family. Despite the unfortunate circumstances regarding her arrival at HSSV, Michaela has blossomed during her stay here, charming all who meet her by reaching for them as soon as they come through the doors!

She is an absolute sweetheart, climbing into your lap for good chin rubs and cheek pets, and purrs loudly to let you know that she appreciates your affection. She also lets you know that she will miss you when you leave by chirping and meowing for you to come back!  If she sounds like the kitty for you, come on in to HSSV and meet with her today! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Caturday: Leaping Libra

Libra the Ballerina

Elegance. Fluidity. Grace. A Ballerina invokes the very essence of all that dance can be. As a prima ballerina, Libra demonstrates her amazing abilities several times a day using her stage, Petco Sunnyvale, to all who will watch.

Libra is in the prime of her life, executing beautiful leg extensions, leaps, and slinking motions as her morning wake up exercises! She absolutely loves the attention, and will practice her routine several times a day to ensure perfection.

Libra has worked hard to be the Prima Ballerina, and at 10 years young, she still has it. She even has the most striking costume (her coat of black and orange), and knows just how beautiful she really is, dancing or not!

If she sounds like the cat for you, please head over to Petco Sunnyvale and spend some time with her today.