Saturday, April 14, 2012

Caturday: Leaping Libra

Libra the Ballerina

Elegance. Fluidity. Grace. A Ballerina invokes the very essence of all that dance can be. As a prima ballerina, Libra demonstrates her amazing abilities several times a day using her stage, Petco Sunnyvale, to all who will watch.

Libra is in the prime of her life, executing beautiful leg extensions, leaps, and slinking motions as her morning wake up exercises! She absolutely loves the attention, and will practice her routine several times a day to ensure perfection.

Libra has worked hard to be the Prima Ballerina, and at 10 years young, she still has it. She even has the most striking costume (her coat of black and orange), and knows just how beautiful she really is, dancing or not!

If she sounds like the cat for you, please head over to Petco Sunnyvale and spend some time with her today.

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