Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just In Time For Lunar New Year: A Dog For Every Sign!

Gong Zhu Chelsea is sure to bring joy, good fortune and possibly a chewed sock. (She IS a puppy)

Happy Lunar New Year! Whether you call it Chinese New Year, Tet or Seolla, Humane Society Silicon Valley and our amazing adoptable pooches want to help you make the most of the year to come. And how better to start off a new year than with an awesome new companion? It might be the Year of the Horse but no matter what sign you are, we have the perfect dog for you.

Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball. Are you not hearing me?
Are you a Horse? Energetic and independent but always up for a road trip? Occasionally impatient? Meet Jeremy! You'll get along great. Jeremy's always ready for a romp, a trip to the park, a hike, even a camping trip. He's no fancy fluffy. But you really need to throw the ball. Like right right now. He's even bored with this photo shoot already. If you gallop through life, he'll be right beside you.

Intelligence, beauty and fun times two. With some snorting.
Born in the Year of the Monkey? These guys weren't but they really should have been. You're persuasive, active and intelligent. Chickadee and Dixie, our bonded pair of shorty snorties, have your number. Once you meet them you'll understand immediately why you need to take both of them home. And with four adorable bulging eyes staring at you, you'll find yourself immediately persuaded to hand them that cookie and then take them on a long walk.

I am too proud for this costume thing. Unless that's a biscuit. Then we can talk.
A noble Rooster? You're hardworking, independent and observant. You've got a practical soul and nothing gets past you. If so, don't let June Bug get past you. This tan chi girl doesn't miss a beat. She's super glad to see you but is okay with having some time to herself. If you've got the treats, she'll show you everything she's learned and believe us, it is a lot. This dog WORKS. She's not going to get sidetracked going ga-ga over strangers - she's got her eye on you and is getting the job done.

I'm generous to a fault, but let's leave the hat on the ground, ok?
Of course you like dogs if you're a Dog! You're diligent, faithful, generous and kind. So is Deniro. He'll be right at your heels if you need him. Bad day? He's up for a walk at the beach or you can just sit quietly on the couch together until you feel better. Yes, he's shaped a bit like a potato but he wears his heart on his sleeve....or paw. He's a dog's dog - calm, loyal, and absolutely guileless in his adoration of people he loves. You're going to get along great.

I'm as patient as the day is long but please, not the hat. 
Strong and patient as an Ox? Meet Sadie. She even looks a bit ox-like in a large, tan -dog sort of way. Did we REALLY have to do this photo shoot? Was this necessary? She doesn't know but she's going to bear up to it with good grace and wonderful manners. Despite being a big, strong dog she's a lamb on leash and kind with kids. If you're steadfast and up for the long haul, she'll be right beside you to bear the load.

Try to paint stripes on me & I forsee big problems in the coming year. 
Fiery, fierce, brave and bossy? Hello Tiger! Meet Little Aspen. This sassy American Eskimo has got this world wrapped around her little white paw. You're welcome to give her a command and if you have a treat she might even listen to you. But oh, you'll never have more fun than you will with Aspen. An unrepentant clown, she dances on her back paws (and has the moves like Jagger), gives five and ten and has no problem telling someone off if they get saucy with her.

I might be the Brad Pitt of dogs - handsome, likable and I look taller on camera.
Everyone likes you - you're the charismatic Dragon, warm hearted and charismatic but fearing nothing. Sort of like Gabe the Babe. This muscular little low-rider is smaller than he looks (only 24 lbs) and can work a room like no one's business. He's easy going and loves going new places and doing new things. Kids? Other dogs? Bring them on. Not only does he have the looks and the charm, he's the genuine article - he's got the heart to back it up.

If you're a Rat, a Rabbit, a Sheep, a Snake or a Pig, fear not - we have a love connection for you, too. We just don't have a picture to go with it. Don't face the year alone - come see us to find your star crossed match! Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

(Special thanks to Betty Wang and Karen Farrelly for doing such an awesome job with pics, props and ideas! Not only do we have the best pets, we also have the best volunteers.)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cat shaming: HSSV edition

"Just don't look in my bed.  I don't know how they got there, I swear."

"And I'm not even sorry."


"Don't judge me for my refined palette."

 "Claws or not, I'm getting to your shoulders somehow."

 "Try to shame a cat and you will fail, human."

No cat is perfect, but they all deserve a home.
Call our Adoptions team at 408-262-2133 ext. 150 to learn more about our awesome available cats.
No shame in asking!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Can't Find Any Shelter Dogs.

It is rumored that shelter dogs are sad, benighted creatures, hopelessly broken beyond repair.  Fortunately we don't have any shelter dogs here.

After all, shelter dogs certainly wouldn't smile at flowers. They're too busy being sad.

Or dance in the grass. They're so broken they've lost the ability to appreciate it.

Or get super excited about playing ball.....

And then catch some wicked big air. After all, they are not like normal dogs, right?

It's not like they go for car rides. They don't have the skills for such things, do they?

They certainly wouldn't know how to do cute tricks. They are too ill behaved to learn them.

In fact, they barely connect to people at all and will have trouble bonding with their new families. 

They can't even get cute haircuts - they're unaccustomed to that and would never behave. 

Most of them can't even get along with other dogs and would never, ever, photo-bomb their friends....

And just forget big....



doggy grins because such sad beasts would never, ever be that happy. 

If these rumors are true about shelter dogs then we do have to confess - we don't have any shelter dogs here. What we have are smiling-at-flowers, grass-dancing, big-air-catching, car-riding, people-bonding, haircut-getting, photobombing, grinning normal dogs. Normal dogs that just happen to be in a shelter waiting to meet you. 

If you think stereotypes are as stupid as they do, come in and meet them today. 

Our fine canine model roster:

June Bug the wonder-chi mix.
Sadie Pants, our sensational senior.
Jeremy, the Andre Agassi of small fluffy dogs. 
Kazoo, proud owner of the silliest ears in Pibble-dom. 
Little Aspen, Trickster American Eskimo extraordinaire.
An already adopted friend with his new dad.
Bruno, a perfect Pomeranian. 
Dixie and Chickadee, a bonded pair of shorty snorties.
Teddy, an awesome athletic chi fella.
Champ, a big bubba who just got adopted. Yay Champ!
Roxy, a sparkling sweetheart of a bully breed. 

For more information about any and all of our pooches, click here.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Deniro Is NOT A Shelter Dog.

My name is Deniro and I am not a shelter dog. I'm a smallish dog, shaped a bit like a potato, with a calm disposition and a penchant for treats.

I don't exactly know what a 'shelter dog' is. People say it as if it's some sort of breed or condition. It's not. I'm a normal dog who happens to be in a shelter. You don't call someone who is in a hospital a 'hospital person' or infer that being in a hospital says anything about them. Shelter dogs are the same way. The word 'shelter' speaks to where we are, not who we are.

I don't have a foster home - I live at the shelter so lots of people can look at me to give me the best possible chance to meet new families. But I do have a friend who takes me out for sleepovers and field trips. Her name is Kelly and she has several dogs. I fit right in with them.

Like your dogs, I enjoy car rides. I'm good in the car, too. I look out the window and sniff. You could call me a 'car dog'. That tells you something about who I am. I am dog who likes to go on car rides.

Sometimes we go to the beach. Like pretty much every other dog on the planet, I love the beach. The word 'beach dog' is a better term than 'shelter dog'. You can call me a 'beach dog' if you like. That's a better description of who I am.

The beach we go to has a million other dogs that play there. Dogs that have homes. I meet them and say hello just fine. You could call me a 'friendly dog'. That's way better than calling me a 'shelter dog'.

When I sleepover at Kelly's house I can be lazy. I love to burrow under things and sleep. Your dogs might do that, too. A lot of dogs do that. You could call me a 'mole dog'. Or a 'lazy dog'.

Because I'm so calm I was used in a fashion show several months ago. I was a champ about the lights and the strangers and everything. Maybe call me 'high fashion dog' or 'dog who hangs out with models'. Those tell you something about the things I've done. I got carried around by a guy who looks like Matt Damon while people took pictures of me. That's way more fascinating than the fact that I wound up homeless.

I do not know why I've been here as long as I have. Maybe it's because I'm shaped a bit like a potato or because I'm so calm in my kennel that people don't notice me. It's not because I'm broken or damaged. It's not because I'm some special kind of dog that is a 'shelter dog'. All of us here are just normal dogs. But I am an exceptionally good one.

Perhaps you will see this and you'll come in and meet me. My calmness can seem a bit like aloofness at first but I'm so loyal - I follow people I know around. Maybe you'll see that in me and you'll take me home. Maybe you'll have other dogs but if you don't that's fine, too. I could come with you when you run errands and burrow under pillows on the sofa when we watch TV at night. On weekends we can go to the beach - I know the best beach. Then I could be 'your dog'. I like that title. 'Your dog'. It has a certain ring to it. And you could be 'my person'. That sounds pretty awesome, too.

The first step is for you to come in and meet me. Can we start there?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tabby Takeover!


Hello, internet.  

I am Isabel.

You are in for a treat this week because my tabby friends and I have taken over the blog!

As you can see, we are all big, brown and beautiful.  Not only that, we're all available for adoption!  This week, we'd like to prepare you to adopt one of us by letting you know the adoption process here at HSSV.  Take it away, Honey Bear.

Wha... Huh?  Oh, sorry about that.  You seem to have caught me during one of my many cat naps.

So you're thinking of adopting one of us, huh?  Well that's just splendid.  The first step in adopting is coming in to meet us!  Bring the rest of the household to meet us too, just to make sure we all get along.  Because... oh, wait.  It looks like Lolabelle has something to say.
Go ahead, Lola...

That's right, I got something to say!

I may be old but I still got a voice.  And I want to let you know that you better make sure you are living in a pet-friendly house or I am gonna give you a piece of my mind!  Make sure you have landlord approval before adopting, got it ya whippersnapper?
Good.  I've said my piece.

Now give me one of those treats.

Guess it's my turn, then!

I'm Sammi and I am one voluptuous gal.  And even though all of my limbs may not fit on top of my cat tree, I can still fit into a large (aka dog) carrier!  Which reminds me, if you have a carrier at home, bring it with you when you visit so you can take one of us home.
 If you don't have a carrier, don't fret!  We have carriers of all sizes available for purchase at our pet store here at our Milpitas location, along with any other supplies you might need to get the house ready for a fabulous feline like myself.

And as the smartest of all the HSSV tabbies, I, Hermione the cat, will dole out the numbers.

The adoption fee for felines is $175 which covers our spay/neuter surgeries, up-to-date vaccinations, and a microchip.  Some of us cats have been here for a very long time and are a part of the Adoption Scholarship Program here at HSSV, which means their adoption fee has been fully covered.

Now how's THAT for a deal?

So you're coming in today?!  Like right now?!  


Come visit meee!  Ask for Princess, I'll be happy to show you around!  And I'll introduce you to our awesome staff and volunteers who know us all really well and can help you find your perfect match!  Are you excited?!  Because I sure am!


For more information from the humans at HSSV, call our Adoptions team at 408-262-2133 ext. 150 or visit our website at

Sunday, January 5, 2014

HSSV Cats Welcome in 2014!

'Tis the season to make your new year's resolutions!  How are yours coming along?  Most of our kitties here at HSSV have already given up on theirs -- and whose to blame them?  They are cats, after all.  Actually, it's amazing they made it this far.

Our advice?  Don't make your cat your motivation to get up and moving.  Chances are, they will only manage to drag you back to the couch and forget all about that gym membership you still have from January 2013.  Because ultimately, every cat's new year's resolution is simple: 
make the human my servant.

Need some ideas for your own new year's resolutions? Here are some ideas from some of the HSSV alumni:

Resolution #1: Do some yoga.
"This is what I call 'kitten's pose'" -- Charley

Resolution #2: Make new friends.
"I lick you.  Now we are friends." -- Leif

Resolution #3: Read more.
"I may be blind, but I can tell when you skip a paragraph, dude." -- Mitz

Resolution #4: Be braver.
"Peekaboo!" -- Theodore

Resolution #5: Make time for family.
"Don't forget to call your mother, dear!" -- Pixie

Resolution #6: Floss.
"Do I have something in my teeth?" -- Bronco

Happy 2014 from all the cats at HSSV!