Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Can't Find Any Shelter Dogs.

It is rumored that shelter dogs are sad, benighted creatures, hopelessly broken beyond repair.  Fortunately we don't have any shelter dogs here.

After all, shelter dogs certainly wouldn't smile at flowers. They're too busy being sad.

Or dance in the grass. They're so broken they've lost the ability to appreciate it.

Or get super excited about playing ball.....

And then catch some wicked big air. After all, they are not like normal dogs, right?

It's not like they go for car rides. They don't have the skills for such things, do they?

They certainly wouldn't know how to do cute tricks. They are too ill behaved to learn them.

In fact, they barely connect to people at all and will have trouble bonding with their new families. 

They can't even get cute haircuts - they're unaccustomed to that and would never behave. 

Most of them can't even get along with other dogs and would never, ever, photo-bomb their friends....

And just forget big....



doggy grins because such sad beasts would never, ever be that happy. 

If these rumors are true about shelter dogs then we do have to confess - we don't have any shelter dogs here. What we have are smiling-at-flowers, grass-dancing, big-air-catching, car-riding, people-bonding, haircut-getting, photobombing, grinning normal dogs. Normal dogs that just happen to be in a shelter waiting to meet you. 

If you think stereotypes are as stupid as they do, come in and meet them today. 

Our fine canine model roster:

June Bug the wonder-chi mix.
Sadie Pants, our sensational senior.
Jeremy, the Andre Agassi of small fluffy dogs. 
Kazoo, proud owner of the silliest ears in Pibble-dom. 
Little Aspen, Trickster American Eskimo extraordinaire.
An already adopted friend with his new dad.
Bruno, a perfect Pomeranian. 
Dixie and Chickadee, a bonded pair of shorty snorties.
Teddy, an awesome athletic chi fella.
Champ, a big bubba who just got adopted. Yay Champ!
Roxy, a sparkling sweetheart of a bully breed. 

For more information about any and all of our pooches, click here.


  1. Yes! Break those stereoptypes with the cutiest, smartiest, sweetie dogs! & kitties, buns, pigs...