Monday, January 13, 2014

Tabby Takeover!


Hello, internet.  

I am Isabel.

You are in for a treat this week because my tabby friends and I have taken over the blog!

As you can see, we are all big, brown and beautiful.  Not only that, we're all available for adoption!  This week, we'd like to prepare you to adopt one of us by letting you know the adoption process here at HSSV.  Take it away, Honey Bear.

Wha... Huh?  Oh, sorry about that.  You seem to have caught me during one of my many cat naps.

So you're thinking of adopting one of us, huh?  Well that's just splendid.  The first step in adopting is coming in to meet us!  Bring the rest of the household to meet us too, just to make sure we all get along.  Because... oh, wait.  It looks like Lolabelle has something to say.
Go ahead, Lola...

That's right, I got something to say!

I may be old but I still got a voice.  And I want to let you know that you better make sure you are living in a pet-friendly house or I am gonna give you a piece of my mind!  Make sure you have landlord approval before adopting, got it ya whippersnapper?
Good.  I've said my piece.

Now give me one of those treats.

Guess it's my turn, then!

I'm Sammi and I am one voluptuous gal.  And even though all of my limbs may not fit on top of my cat tree, I can still fit into a large (aka dog) carrier!  Which reminds me, if you have a carrier at home, bring it with you when you visit so you can take one of us home.
 If you don't have a carrier, don't fret!  We have carriers of all sizes available for purchase at our pet store here at our Milpitas location, along with any other supplies you might need to get the house ready for a fabulous feline like myself.

And as the smartest of all the HSSV tabbies, I, Hermione the cat, will dole out the numbers.

The adoption fee for felines is $175 which covers our spay/neuter surgeries, up-to-date vaccinations, and a microchip.  Some of us cats have been here for a very long time and are a part of the Adoption Scholarship Program here at HSSV, which means their adoption fee has been fully covered.

Now how's THAT for a deal?

So you're coming in today?!  Like right now?!  


Come visit meee!  Ask for Princess, I'll be happy to show you around!  And I'll introduce you to our awesome staff and volunteers who know us all really well and can help you find your perfect match!  Are you excited?!  Because I sure am!


For more information from the humans at HSSV, call our Adoptions team at 408-262-2133 ext. 150 or visit our website at


  1. I hope all these beautiful tabbies found their new human people and forever homes. :)

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