Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bad Hair Days.

This is Odin. He looks great now but when he came in, he wasn't looking so good. He and two chihuahua friends had been hanging out a construction site. The kindly construction guys were very good to the stray dogs and made sure they were getting fed but that environment was murder on Odin's hair. As a non-shedding dog, his hair doesn't fall out. It has to be cut and brushed or else it gets matted. Odin's not a vain guy but a bad hair day can be downright painful with a coat like that.

Only on television do transformations like this happen in one day. In reality Odin had to have two haircuts. The first was to make him more comfortable and get some flea control on him - he was infested with the little freeloaders. As he hadn't been handled a lot, our vet techs did a quick once over on him and them let him get his bearings. That meant  he had to live with a weird, growing-out haircut for a few days.

Once he settled in, he went over to grooming and had a full spa day. Hair, nails, the whole nine yards.

Now that he's been made beautiful, Odin's ready to find a home of his own. He's still very shy so he needs a patient, quiet home. He loves other dogs and having a confident doggy role model in the house would do wonders for him. He also enjoys cheese, playing with his squeaky squirrel and quiet hang-out time.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Life is More Fun With Nilla.

Nilla, a bright and beautiful three year old papillion mix, has been spending her time learning all sorts of new things she can't wait to show you. She'd be a ton of fun to take to an agility class.

She makes friends easily. All the cool kids love hanging out with her.

She's a bit shy at first but once she gets to know you she's always willing to be a cheering squad.

She's not only housebroken but has wonderful house manners, too.*

Nilla came to us after her owners lost their home. While she had plenty of dog company there (she was one of five dogs), she had little socialization and was unfamiliar with leashes, strangers and all sorts of every-day things. Scared and shy in the shelter, she was placed in a foster home where she's blossomed. She's not only comfortable in the home, she's also learned all sorts of neat tricks like 'bang', 'down', 'stay' and 'spin'. Ask to meet Nilla today!

* Dog can not actually do laundry.

New Additions

Ahoy there mate! I'm Captain Tiddlywinks of the USS Mad Dash, and let me tell you, can my toes dance. Like the best captains, I am agile on my feet, and know just how to avoid being caught up a tree without a perch. I am feisty and fast, and all things feline, loving both a good frolic through the house and quiet time for grooming. I've been awarded the "Best Kneader and North Star Chaser" award, and love to do a little dance and jig for you in my handy dandy cat tree. My seal of approval to let you know you've hit a sweet spot- why, a little love nip, of course! 

 Hi there, I'm Wilson Playstation! I was official mascot of Sony Playstation's Walk 'n Wag team! I'm a happy little buddy looking for truuuue love! If you are in need of an enthusiastic "Welcome Home!!!" at the end of a hard day, then I'm your man! No one is going to be more excited to see you than I will! I love belly rubs and treats and going for walks around the neighborhood. I'm the best friend you're ever going to meet - so what are you waiting for? Watch my video and see me in action.

I am Buttons, my brother Bowtie are all dressed up for your next formal event.  With my white coat, ruby eyes, and stylist tan gloves we would be the hit of any social scene.  I am a little more outgoing, but once Bowtie has a chance to circle the room and check out the food selection, he'll be ready for some light conversation.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Additions

Theodore takes in his new surroundings.

Our cat community room has a new group of kitties today!  If you are looking for a new friend for your cats, these guys are 'road tested' in group settings and are ready to make new friends.  And all adult cats are $10 in October, so becoming your family's crazy cat lady just got easier.

I found my Halloween costume!