Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bad Hair Days.

This is Odin. He looks great now but when he came in, he wasn't looking so good. He and two chihuahua friends had been hanging out a construction site. The kindly construction guys were very good to the stray dogs and made sure they were getting fed but that environment was murder on Odin's hair. As a non-shedding dog, his hair doesn't fall out. It has to be cut and brushed or else it gets matted. Odin's not a vain guy but a bad hair day can be downright painful with a coat like that.

Only on television do transformations like this happen in one day. In reality Odin had to have two haircuts. The first was to make him more comfortable and get some flea control on him - he was infested with the little freeloaders. As he hadn't been handled a lot, our vet techs did a quick once over on him and them let him get his bearings. That meant  he had to live with a weird, growing-out haircut for a few days.

Once he settled in, he went over to grooming and had a full spa day. Hair, nails, the whole nine yards.

Now that he's been made beautiful, Odin's ready to find a home of his own. He's still very shy so he needs a patient, quiet home. He loves other dogs and having a confident doggy role model in the house would do wonders for him. He also enjoys cheese, playing with his squeaky squirrel and quiet hang-out time.

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