Thursday, February 21, 2013

The HSSV Oscars Are Here! Check Out Our Winners In Their Standout Performances!

Did you know that many of our dogs are stars of the screen as well? With the advent of YouTube and the assistance of some very talented volunteer filmmakers you can check out our dogs in their breakout roles. Follow the hyperlinks in the award text to see the performances that are winning them acclaim.

Best Romantic Performance

Rambles made everyone swoon during his smooch-fest of a video.You would never guess from his leading-man persona that he actually is a humble guy who enjoys butt scratches and snorts when he's happy. Rambles was previously known as Rambo but, in the tradition of Puff-Daddy, he's currently going by a different name. Other fun fact about this clip? He also commanded the biggest salary ever for performance in one of our YouTube videos, chowing through numerous string cheese sticks during production.

Best Direction In A Crowd Scene

Not since Ben Hur have we seen such masterful direction of a large number of extras. Like a doggy Charleston Heston, Kit Kat works the yard full of volunteers. It's not easy to direct and act but he does a fine job in this scene, really making himself look like the master of social situations that he is. Fun fact about this movie? Kit Kat didn't work out to prepare for this role. Despite being a senior actor, he keeps himself in great shape and can chase a toy like this any day of the week.

Best Stunt Tail


Speaking of performances that require getting in shape, check out Ace's tail in his debut video. Does it ever stop? Could it move even faster? Critics and fans alike say no, that tail is tops. Even in his still shots you can still see a blur where he was wagging non-stop. It takes more than a happy dog for this kind of posterior appendage stamina - it takes a seriously happy dog. Fun fact? No stunt doubles were used in the video. Yes, he did accidentally whap Patty but she was unharmed and in good humor about it.

Best Ad Lib/Improv Performance

With the craze for reality dating shows, it seemed a natural progression to incorporate some cinema verite into our videos. Lucky Spencer got to be our first ever Canine Bachelor. All the dating scenes with him and Justin in our Whole Pets store were shot as they took place. They had never met before being introduced with the camera going. Despite being a more reserved pup, Spencer handled it with aplomb and wound up having a fantastic time hanging out with Justin.

Best Performance

Everyone might be talking about Emmanuelle Riva's wrenchingly honest performance in Amour but when it comes to raw emotion, Juno steals the show. This shy little dog, found at a construction site where she had been living with several other dogs, gives us everything she has. We see her tentatively building a relationship with a volunteer, learning to play, to shake and finally just having fun with a ball and enjoying a belly rub. How can you not love this little girl and her emotional fearlessness as she learns that people are good and fun?

All our superstars are available for adoption at the HSSV Animal Community Center in Milpitas. Come get an autograph (and a new family member) today! 

Update: Rambles and KitKat are currently starring as beloved family members in their new homes! Juno and Spencer are still available for auditions!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You're No Bunny Until Some Bunny Loves You....

Bunny Fever Strikes HSSV. No Species Is Immune!

It's 'Some Bunny To Love!' time! Through the end of the month the adoption fee on all of our rabbits has been reduced to $20. Like our dogs and cats, our rabbits come spayed/neutered and microchipped. It seemed unfair to limit the fun to just rabbits so several of other animals - dogs and cats - became honorary bunnies.
Meet some of our 'Impostor Bunnies'!


Chico is a handsome, laid back guy with a bunny-ish pink nose. He loves belly rubs and affection. Due to being FIV+ he needs to be indoor only and an only cat or in a home with another FIV+ cat.


Sweet Petey is a gentle soul. He likes kids and attends our big-dog play group where he hops around like a bunny with the other dogs. He can be shy around people he doesn't know and is an all-star cuddler.


Sleek, dignified Ace has lived with dogs and kids. He's rock-solid on using his litterbox but he's not much for other cats and would prefer to be a singleton. This super-civilized feline gentleman has always been indoors only and has amazing house manners.


 Bunny-eyed Spencer came in as a stray so little is known about his life before HSSV. He doesn't just jump into relationships so he can be a little shy at first but after he gets to know you he loves to play. Like most dogs, he greatly enjoys a yummy treat and will do anything for one. His petite size and retiring nature would make him a great companion for a smaller house. Not only is he a rabbit, he's also a film star. Check out his video!

Sir Isaac Bunnington

Sir Isaac Bunnington is NOT an honorary bunny. He's a real bunny. And a very nice one. Isaac didn't have the best start in life but it hasn't impacted his personality. He's still a sweet, laid back bunny who enjoys snacks and being petted and is good about being held. If the honorary bunnies aren't your cup of tea, try meeting one of our great real rabbits.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Ode To Love With The HSSV Dogs.

In keeping with Valentine's Day some of HSSV's awesome dogs gave us odes to the toys and objects they love most.


Hose: you are my wrestling buddy, my chew toy and my safe spot. When other dogs in play group chase me, I come running back to your sheltering coils and hide in them. I don't poke holes in you. You don't spray me. We're perfect together.  If a new family came to adopt me I'd be so very, very happy but I'd miss you. Maybe they would have a hose, too. I'll never forget you, hose.




String cheese and snazzy sweaters: Which of you can I choose? You both are so dear to me. Snazzy sweaters, you keep me warm and looking fashionable. And the good samaritan that rescued me bought me a box of you to go to my new home with me. String cheese, I would do anything for you. I was so shy and scared when I arrived here and with your assistance I've been learning all sorts of things that make me feel braver.

All my love,



Oh plastic squeaky hedgehog, how can I ever say enough about you? They throw you. I bring you back. They throw you again, I bring you back again. It's like they're trying to keep us apart and I simply will not let it happen. As many times as they throw you, I will always bring you back. 

Unless they throw a tennis ball. Then I might be unfaithful and chase that instead. Don't be upset, squeaky hedgehog. I'm a Jack Russell Terrier and it's just my nature.

From the bottom of my fickle heart, 



Hey you - yes you. The one reading this. We would be perfect together. You have a lap. I love laps. I would love to sit in your lap. We could watch TV together - you, me and your lap. I could stand in your lap and give you kisses. Yes, I'm small but I've got a huge heart and a lot of love to give to you and your lap. I'll be blue without you. Oh wait, I'm already blue - a beautiful blue roan color. How about I'll be sad without you?

With hope and adoration,


As much as all our dogs love their toys and treats, what they would love most is YOU. To meet one of our amazing, playful pooches give us a call or come in today. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Wordless Wednesday: Caption This!

Excuse Me But I Believe There's A Pibble In The Shrubbery.

(Featuring our beautiful blue pittie, Ashes)