Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You're No Bunny Until Some Bunny Loves You....

Bunny Fever Strikes HSSV. No Species Is Immune!

It's 'Some Bunny To Love!' time! Through the end of the month the adoption fee on all of our rabbits has been reduced to $20. Like our dogs and cats, our rabbits come spayed/neutered and microchipped. It seemed unfair to limit the fun to just rabbits so several of other animals - dogs and cats - became honorary bunnies.
Meet some of our 'Impostor Bunnies'!


Chico is a handsome, laid back guy with a bunny-ish pink nose. He loves belly rubs and affection. Due to being FIV+ he needs to be indoor only and an only cat or in a home with another FIV+ cat.


Sweet Petey is a gentle soul. He likes kids and attends our big-dog play group where he hops around like a bunny with the other dogs. He can be shy around people he doesn't know and is an all-star cuddler.


Sleek, dignified Ace has lived with dogs and kids. He's rock-solid on using his litterbox but he's not much for other cats and would prefer to be a singleton. This super-civilized feline gentleman has always been indoors only and has amazing house manners.


 Bunny-eyed Spencer came in as a stray so little is known about his life before HSSV. He doesn't just jump into relationships so he can be a little shy at first but after he gets to know you he loves to play. Like most dogs, he greatly enjoys a yummy treat and will do anything for one. His petite size and retiring nature would make him a great companion for a smaller house. Not only is he a rabbit, he's also a film star. Check out his video!

Sir Isaac Bunnington

Sir Isaac Bunnington is NOT an honorary bunny. He's a real bunny. And a very nice one. Isaac didn't have the best start in life but it hasn't impacted his personality. He's still a sweet, laid back bunny who enjoys snacks and being petted and is good about being held. If the honorary bunnies aren't your cup of tea, try meeting one of our great real rabbits.

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