Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Conversation With Little Aspen

So glad you could make it. Are those treats?
I believe in structure. Let's be civilized about this, shall we? First of all stop looking at me. You're making me nervous. I'm not gawking at you so stop staring. Look at the wall. Look at your friend there. Offer me a cookie. Good, see? We're going to get along just fine.

Have you heard of American Eskimos? I'm one. Seriously. Stop looking. And don't be cheap with the treats either, we're having a conversation here. It's polite to offer snacks on social occasions. Anyway, back to American Eskimos. We're a guarding breed, did you know that? We're supposed to be wary of new people. I'm an exemplary example of my breed. I'm very wary of new people - please, enough with the looking, we've talked about this - and I'm very alert. When I know you I'm loving and affectionate but that takes a while. Guarding breed. You can't be too careful these days.
Hand one of those over. Stat.

Where did you put the rest of those liver treats?

As I was saying, since we're getting to know each other....I'm naturally wary and the events of the past few months have made me a little warier. Surely you understand. I keep my secrets but I can tell you what's on the record. I was found wandering around near a busy street. A nice gentleman took me and tried to find my owner. When he asked around, neighbors told him there had been two of us Eskies but our owner had passed.....

You really need to work on eye contact. It's can be threatening to dogs, you know. And it makes me nervous. The more you look over there and keep handing out treats the quicker I'll come around to you.

Anyway, our owner had passed and somehow I wound up wandering the streets. The nice gentleman tried to keep me but he didn't have the time so he brought me here. A few days later someone else found another Eskie, less than a half mile from where I had been. We played a few times at the shelter but we weren't overly attached to each other. They couldn't confirm that we had been together but what are the chances, right?

Did you put the treats away? Why would you do that? Watch the hands now, let's not get grabby. We don't know each other that well yet. Is that cheese? I love cheese.

I just love you, Jeri. No treats required.
It was very scary for me being here. I'm not used to so many new people and I had trouble adjusting. Luckily there are some good people here who have spent time getting to know me. Do you know that they found out?  

They found out that I'M WONDERFUL. I'm sweet and affectionate and once I'm friends with you I never, ever forget you. I adore my friends. They can look at me and hug me and play with me all day long. I'll do anything for my friends.

It's time for me to branch out, move into a place of my own. So here's what I'm thinking - can I have another piece of that? Thanks - so what I'm thinking is someone who knows what we're like, us American Eskimos, and loves us. Even if they don't know Eskies specifically, someone who can work with a little bit of wariness. Someone who doesn't expect that affection comes cheap. If you want cheap affection get a lab, I say.* But if you're looking for a deep, committed relationship, a relationship like a fine wine that grows more complex and rich every day, than come meet me.

That cheese really is fantastic, thanks. Do you have more of those liver treats? You do? I couldn't possibly.... oh, well, yes. I guess I could. Hand them over.
You may rub the belly.

But yes, come meet me. We'll need to be introduced by one of my social circle.You'll come in with one of my friends and while they tell you all about me you can give me treats. Maybe we'll work up to some patting. Have you seen my coat? Gorgeous, right? It'll require regular grooming but beauty requires care. Upkeep, you know. It's all about upkeep.

Anyway, pass me another piece of cheese if you would, great. So yes, we'll meet through a mutual friend. You should probably call to set up an appointment for our first date right now. Call Casaundra Cruz - she's acting as my social secretary. Her number is (408)262-2133 ext 183. Bring liver treats. And cheese.

*Absolutely no offense meant to labs. The transcriber of this interview shares her home with a lab-ish.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Christmas in July

It's Christmas in July!
50% off adoption fees for all animals until the end the month.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HSSV's Curviest Cats

More to love!

Our adult kitties come in all shapes and sizes here at HSSV, and right now we've got some extra "fluffy" ones available for adoption.  Here are some of our full-sized felines looking for love.

Abby the Abyssinian is an athletic girl that doesn't let her size get in the way of a good workout.  If you are looking for a sassy cat that rocks her curves and knows what she wants out of life, Abby is your girl.

Not-so-mini Minnie is the sweetest cat in all the world.  In Minnie's opinion, her extra pounds are just more to love!  She is an easy-going gal who gets along with kids and cats alike and she would LOVE to be your personal lap-warmer.

This full-figured couple are looking to move into your home!  Angel and Tiger (guess who's whom!) are two affectionate kitties that love cats, love kids, love dogs, but most of all, love each other.  Do you have room for some extra poundage in your home?  Twice the cats = twice the love!

So stock up on diet kibble, invest in an extra-large carrier, and adopt one of these furry balls of love today!  

Remember, all adult cats are free all summer long!

In honor of our recently adopted 24-pounder, Stitch.  Have a good life, buddy!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Invite An HSSV Dog Home For A Staycation!

Plane tickets are through the roof, the lines at the airports could drive you to tears and do you really want to stand in line at yet another tourist destination in this heat? Ugh. Vacations are ephemeral things - you wind up with some nice memories and pictures but before long you're back in the office and everything looks the same as it did two weeks before only now you have a sunburn. Who needs that?

Here at HSSV we have a better idea - The Adopt-A-Dog Staycation. A new dog is way better than a vacation. Take those vacation days you have piling up and come meet a new friend to share them with. Not only are saving a life, you also get a friend for life - much more fulfilling than a sunburn and a souvenir margarita glass. Plus by stay-cating at home with your new pooch, you get some initial time to bond and help them settle in.

Some of our Staycation Hopefuls Give You The Skinny On What To Do On Your New- Dog Staycation.

I know how to make an awesome TV snack with a KONG & peanut butter..
Have A Movie Marathon.

Veg out on the couch with some tasty snacks and a good movie. Leave the house today? Why? Turn off the cellphone, put the computer away and fire up the Netflix. Your new pooch will appreciate the quiet time to get used to his new home, you'll have someone to curl up with. No one's going to mention that you stayed in your pajamas all day.

Hey, I just watered the gladiolas. 
Catch Up On Your Gardening. 

What a great way to feel vaguely productive and spend the day outside in yard! Your new buddy can roll around on the grass and check out all the smells while you put those new perennials in. Do make sure the yard is fenced and keep puppy away from the weed whacker.

Here - right here. Put the sandwich right here. 
Go On A Picnic.

Okay, so Dante is sort of doing it wrong. You're supposed to sit at the table, not on it. But having a new dog is a great excuse to pack a lunch and check out some of the dog friendly trails in your area. Both Alum Rock Park and Ed Levin Park offer dog friendly hikes. Make sure to pack water for dog, too.

Does this collar make me look fat?
 Hang Out By The Pool.

Even if you can't afford an Olympic sized in-ground everyone enjoys a good soak on a hot day. Having a dog is the perfect excuse to rock the kiddy pool. Stop by the home superstore and pick one up. Then put on your bathing suit and pile in. Even if your dog turns out to not be a water dog, he can supervise while you enjoy the pool. 

Throw it again! And again! And one more time! Okay, ten more times!
Catch A Ball Game.

You throw the ball, Freddy catches it. Who wants to pay $8 for a hot dog when you can have interactive ball games in your own back yard? True, you're no Tim Lincecum but to a dog, you're the best pitcher there is.

Don't let those personal hours you have go to waste. Summer is here, the weather is beautiful and we have a puppy or dog to match every energy level. Come by and check our adorable adoptables. It'll be the best vacation you ever had.

(Meet our models: Snackin' machine Scooby is a quiet guy who loves to play but is good at being mellow, too. Gardening whiz Deniro loves belly rubs and long, sniffy walks. Foodie Dante does an awesome doggy dance of joy for cheese sticks. Bathing beauty Athena loves cooling off in the pool and playing with her big dog buddies. Fetchin' ace Freddy is sporting a summer cut but is looking for a family that has plenty of toys and likes fluffy dogs. All of these amazing pooches are waiting to meet you!)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whisker Wars!

Welcome to HSSV's First Annual


Where our whiskery-est cats compete for YOUR votes in an all-out Stache-Off!

First up, our most seasoned competitor:

"You newbies are going DOWN!"

This HSSV alum has not only conquered the Internet world as the famous "Hamilton the Hipster Cat" (Google him, seriously), he has also recently landed a t-shirt deal.  If you don't know this stache-tastic man already, you should.

Next up, recently adopted:

(formerly Mr. Stache)
"A gentleman never reveals his whiskers to the competition."

The Colonel is quite possibly the most distinguished kitten to ever grace the halls of HSSV.  Adopted as a mere 2 month old, his bright white mouth brow is only secondary to his enormously long cheek and brow whiskers.  Will he be the one to win your vote?

Our third contender:

(and by default, her kitten Zoomba)

"Who says ladies have to wax?"

Zoey is a lovely lady sporting a fetching fumanchu.  She is available for adoption as a package deal with her kitten Zoomba and she proves that even a moustache, half-tail, and crossed eyes can be fasionable.  "Vote for me!" -- Mama Moustache

Lastly, the available young newcomer looking to prove his name:



The stachiest of two brothers, Petey's upper lip strip gives his seasoned competitors a run for their money.  Says this suave stachio: "I'm handsome and available.  Ladies?"

Now it's up to YOU, America.  Who will be the winner of Whisker Wars?  Cast your vote below by posting a comment for your favorite whiskery contender!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

twice as nice, 2 kittens for the price of one!

Calling all kitten adopters!  
For a limited time, you can adopt two kittens for the price of one.

Check out these 10 reasons why two kittens are better than one.

Only have room for a single?  Adopt with a friend and split the adoption fee!
We have kittens at all three of our adoption locations, see who's available now.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Regina's Travels

Six Places Regina Would Like Visit this Summer...

Number 1:

Touring the Taj Mahal

Number 2:

 Leaning on the Tower of Pisa

Number 3:

 Spying as a Sphinx

Number 4:

 Balancing in the Big Top

Number 5:

 A Fun Fishing Trip

But mostly, she'd like to be...

On your Couch!

Come meet this world traveler today!  Regina is currently at our Milpitas location, waiting to be whisked away to your home.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Stuff Is Exploding! Fourth of July Tips From The Friendly Folks At Humane Society Silicon Valley

Oh no. It's that time of year again. We all love the Fourth of July - the barbecues, the fireworks, the days off. For us it's a holiday. For them it's 'Scary Things Booming And Blowing Up' day. The ground shakes. The sky explodes. The air smells like smoke. Since we can't really explain American history to them, it's a terrifying day. In most animal shelters across the country the 5th of July is the busiest day of the year. Shelters are jammed with pets that became terrified and ran for it.

If You Have A Pet

There is not enough cheese in the world to make this okay.

 Dress 'Em Up.

No, not in a silly costume. In a collar with a tag on it. All pets - dogs and cats - should have identification on. Make sure the ID tag has your name and a current phone number on it. Even if your pet does have a chip a visible id tag can spare them a trip to the shelter or vet to get scanned.  Our Whole Pets Store can print you up a tag on site.

If your pet has a microchip, check with the microchip company to make sure they have your current contact information and address. If you're unsure of how to get a hold of your microchip company, you can look it up by the microchip number here.  Not chipped yet? Head over to HSSV's Medical Center!

 Lock 'Em Down.

Pets need to be inside when things start exploding. Ideally they should be in a familiar environment with supervision. Don't leave dogs and cats outside. No matter how secure it seems, there's always a way out and it's easy for animals to hurt themselves trying to escape. Even cats who have always been dependable outside can easily be startled by the 4th of July commotion and find themselves lost in strange areas. Scared animals run.

If You Find A Pet

Outside! They're bombing! How can you be so calm?
Before you bring an animal to a shelter, try and locate the owner. Never assume an animal is abandoned or dumped. If the pet is wearing an identification tag, call the owner and reunite. No leads? Start knocking on doors and ask the neighbors.  Pets are often found close to home. For dogs, walking them around the neighborhood and asking people if anyone recognizes them can help get them home quick.

Found animals go to the shelter that serves the city they were found in.  At HSSV we only accept stray animals from the city of Sunnyvale.  We will be open to receive Sunnyvale strays all day on July 4th, you can call us for advice at 408-262-2133 x 110 between 9 am and 6 pm.

While many Santa Clara county shelters will be closed to the public on July 4th, they will have animal control or public safety officers on duty to pick up lost pets.  Here's a list of who to call depending on which city you have found an animal.
For Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Animal Control
For Campbell, Monte Sereno, Santa Clara, and Mountain View
Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority
For San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Milpitas, and Saratoga
San Jose Animal Care Center
For Palo Alto
Palo Alto Animal Control
For Unincorporated Santa Clara County
Santa Clara County Animal Shelter - South County
For San Mateo County
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
For Santa Cruz County
Santa Cruz County Animal Services

If You Lose Your Pet

Hey mom, can I keep it?
Start looking sooner, not later! Don't assume your pet will find it's own way home. Knock on neighbor's doors and ask. Look under porches and cars for cats - when scared, many cats will hunker down and hide. Look in nooks and crannies in your neighborhood. Check garages and enclosed areas that might have been open long enough for a frightened animal to run into. Go to your local animal shelter and file a lost report and search through animals there.  HSSV will be open from 9 am to 6 pm on July 4th for lost tours, reclaims, and missing pet advice.  Call us at 408-262-2133 x 110.

For more tips on finding a lost pet or helping a lost pet find it's way home check out the Missing Pet Partnership. Come to HSSV for assistance with car tagging and large posters.