Sunday, July 14, 2013

Invite An HSSV Dog Home For A Staycation!

Plane tickets are through the roof, the lines at the airports could drive you to tears and do you really want to stand in line at yet another tourist destination in this heat? Ugh. Vacations are ephemeral things - you wind up with some nice memories and pictures but before long you're back in the office and everything looks the same as it did two weeks before only now you have a sunburn. Who needs that?

Here at HSSV we have a better idea - The Adopt-A-Dog Staycation. A new dog is way better than a vacation. Take those vacation days you have piling up and come meet a new friend to share them with. Not only are saving a life, you also get a friend for life - much more fulfilling than a sunburn and a souvenir margarita glass. Plus by stay-cating at home with your new pooch, you get some initial time to bond and help them settle in.

Some of our Staycation Hopefuls Give You The Skinny On What To Do On Your New- Dog Staycation.

I know how to make an awesome TV snack with a KONG & peanut butter..
Have A Movie Marathon.

Veg out on the couch with some tasty snacks and a good movie. Leave the house today? Why? Turn off the cellphone, put the computer away and fire up the Netflix. Your new pooch will appreciate the quiet time to get used to his new home, you'll have someone to curl up with. No one's going to mention that you stayed in your pajamas all day.

Hey, I just watered the gladiolas. 
Catch Up On Your Gardening. 

What a great way to feel vaguely productive and spend the day outside in yard! Your new buddy can roll around on the grass and check out all the smells while you put those new perennials in. Do make sure the yard is fenced and keep puppy away from the weed whacker.

Here - right here. Put the sandwich right here. 
Go On A Picnic.

Okay, so Dante is sort of doing it wrong. You're supposed to sit at the table, not on it. But having a new dog is a great excuse to pack a lunch and check out some of the dog friendly trails in your area. Both Alum Rock Park and Ed Levin Park offer dog friendly hikes. Make sure to pack water for dog, too.

Does this collar make me look fat?
 Hang Out By The Pool.

Even if you can't afford an Olympic sized in-ground everyone enjoys a good soak on a hot day. Having a dog is the perfect excuse to rock the kiddy pool. Stop by the home superstore and pick one up. Then put on your bathing suit and pile in. Even if your dog turns out to not be a water dog, he can supervise while you enjoy the pool. 

Throw it again! And again! And one more time! Okay, ten more times!
Catch A Ball Game.

You throw the ball, Freddy catches it. Who wants to pay $8 for a hot dog when you can have interactive ball games in your own back yard? True, you're no Tim Lincecum but to a dog, you're the best pitcher there is.

Don't let those personal hours you have go to waste. Summer is here, the weather is beautiful and we have a puppy or dog to match every energy level. Come by and check our adorable adoptables. It'll be the best vacation you ever had.

(Meet our models: Snackin' machine Scooby is a quiet guy who loves to play but is good at being mellow, too. Gardening whiz Deniro loves belly rubs and long, sniffy walks. Foodie Dante does an awesome doggy dance of joy for cheese sticks. Bathing beauty Athena loves cooling off in the pool and playing with her big dog buddies. Fetchin' ace Freddy is sporting a summer cut but is looking for a family that has plenty of toys and likes fluffy dogs. All of these amazing pooches are waiting to meet you!)

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