Monday, July 1, 2013

Stuff Is Exploding! Fourth of July Tips From The Friendly Folks At Humane Society Silicon Valley

Oh no. It's that time of year again. We all love the Fourth of July - the barbecues, the fireworks, the days off. For us it's a holiday. For them it's 'Scary Things Booming And Blowing Up' day. The ground shakes. The sky explodes. The air smells like smoke. Since we can't really explain American history to them, it's a terrifying day. In most animal shelters across the country the 5th of July is the busiest day of the year. Shelters are jammed with pets that became terrified and ran for it.

If You Have A Pet

There is not enough cheese in the world to make this okay.

 Dress 'Em Up.

No, not in a silly costume. In a collar with a tag on it. All pets - dogs and cats - should have identification on. Make sure the ID tag has your name and a current phone number on it. Even if your pet does have a chip a visible id tag can spare them a trip to the shelter or vet to get scanned.  Our Whole Pets Store can print you up a tag on site.

If your pet has a microchip, check with the microchip company to make sure they have your current contact information and address. If you're unsure of how to get a hold of your microchip company, you can look it up by the microchip number here.  Not chipped yet? Head over to HSSV's Medical Center!

 Lock 'Em Down.

Pets need to be inside when things start exploding. Ideally they should be in a familiar environment with supervision. Don't leave dogs and cats outside. No matter how secure it seems, there's always a way out and it's easy for animals to hurt themselves trying to escape. Even cats who have always been dependable outside can easily be startled by the 4th of July commotion and find themselves lost in strange areas. Scared animals run.

If You Find A Pet

Outside! They're bombing! How can you be so calm?
Before you bring an animal to a shelter, try and locate the owner. Never assume an animal is abandoned or dumped. If the pet is wearing an identification tag, call the owner and reunite. No leads? Start knocking on doors and ask the neighbors.  Pets are often found close to home. For dogs, walking them around the neighborhood and asking people if anyone recognizes them can help get them home quick.

Found animals go to the shelter that serves the city they were found in.  At HSSV we only accept stray animals from the city of Sunnyvale.  We will be open to receive Sunnyvale strays all day on July 4th, you can call us for advice at 408-262-2133 x 110 between 9 am and 6 pm.

While many Santa Clara county shelters will be closed to the public on July 4th, they will have animal control or public safety officers on duty to pick up lost pets.  Here's a list of who to call depending on which city you have found an animal.
For Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Animal Control
For Campbell, Monte Sereno, Santa Clara, and Mountain View
Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority
For San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Milpitas, and Saratoga
San Jose Animal Care Center
For Palo Alto
Palo Alto Animal Control
For Unincorporated Santa Clara County
Santa Clara County Animal Shelter - South County
For San Mateo County
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
For Santa Cruz County
Santa Cruz County Animal Services

If You Lose Your Pet

Hey mom, can I keep it?
Start looking sooner, not later! Don't assume your pet will find it's own way home. Knock on neighbor's doors and ask. Look under porches and cars for cats - when scared, many cats will hunker down and hide. Look in nooks and crannies in your neighborhood. Check garages and enclosed areas that might have been open long enough for a frightened animal to run into. Go to your local animal shelter and file a lost report and search through animals there.  HSSV will be open from 9 am to 6 pm on July 4th for lost tours, reclaims, and missing pet advice.  Call us at 408-262-2133 x 110.

For more tips on finding a lost pet or helping a lost pet find it's way home check out the Missing Pet Partnership. Come to HSSV for assistance with car tagging and large posters.



  1. This is great information! I have passed it along on our "Nextdoor" site as we have already had 2 neighbors report their lost pets this week. Thanks again for being such a wonderful support source for our critters. I found my Lola pup there (she was recovered from Sunnyvale) back in 2008 and we are forever grateful to HSSV for the care and match they made for all of us.

    1. HI: This is wonderful info not only info but a list of resources. Invaluable. Would be something to clip and keep on your cupboard door. You never know when you might need it yourself or for someone else who lost a pet. Norma Campbell, Injured & Orphaned Wildlife, Campbell, Ca