Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HSSV's Curviest Cats

More to love!

Our adult kitties come in all shapes and sizes here at HSSV, and right now we've got some extra "fluffy" ones available for adoption.  Here are some of our full-sized felines looking for love.

Abby the Abyssinian is an athletic girl that doesn't let her size get in the way of a good workout.  If you are looking for a sassy cat that rocks her curves and knows what she wants out of life, Abby is your girl.

Not-so-mini Minnie is the sweetest cat in all the world.  In Minnie's opinion, her extra pounds are just more to love!  She is an easy-going gal who gets along with kids and cats alike and she would LOVE to be your personal lap-warmer.

This full-figured couple are looking to move into your home!  Angel and Tiger (guess who's whom!) are two affectionate kitties that love cats, love kids, love dogs, but most of all, love each other.  Do you have room for some extra poundage in your home?  Twice the cats = twice the love!

So stock up on diet kibble, invest in an extra-large carrier, and adopt one of these furry balls of love today!  

Remember, all adult cats are free all summer long!

In honor of our recently adopted 24-pounder, Stitch.  Have a good life, buddy!

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