Monday, April 29, 2013

Valuable Life Lessons From The HSSV Dogs: It's OK To Be You.

#1) It's OK To Unabashedly Look Up To Those You Admire.

Mabel, you're the best. And your breath smells like beef liver.

#2) Never Be Afraid To Lean In For The Cuddle.

You're drooling on me, Frank. But I love you anyways.

#3) If You're Having Fun Don't Worry About How You Look. Your Friends Will Still Love You.

If you don't chase me RIGHT NOW my head might explode.

#4) It's Perfectly OK To Be Smug When You Get What You Want.

Tee-hee-hee. Toy. Pool. Sun.

#5) It's Also Perfectly OK To Be Really Disappointed When You Don't.

Erhmaghawd! Ball! C'mere ball! Ball noooooooo!

#6) If Pouting Gets You What You Want Then Go For It. 

I can make this sad face as long as you can insist on not giving me what you're eating.

#7) Getting Adopted Is A Perfect Reason To Throw A Dance Party.

She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a secondhand store....

#8) Or If You Can't Dance, To Do This:

Someone's going to have to help me back up. 

Looking for a wise pooch to teach you some life lessons? Mabel and Kylie from the first picture are here and available. Mabel's the tall one. You can also ask Frank Jr. or April May to be your live-in guru. They're in the second picture and Frank's the drooly one with the big head. If you need some help with your inhibitions try Buddy, the little dog in the third picture. Wiggles, who is also pictured, is already adopted. Milton, our enormously pleased white dog in the fourth picture, is more than happy to move in and tutor you as well. Jude, the very expressive tennis ball dog in the fifth picture, would be as pleased as Milton if you'd come in to meet him. Buddy, in the sixth picture, can teach you his show-stopping pout, guaranteed to get you what you want.  All of these guys are available at our Milpitas Animal Community Center. If you love our dancing fluffies in the seventh picture, I'm both pleased and saddened to tell you that Keeko and Paris were adopted. So was Graham, the mushy faced bully dog in the seventh picture. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hire Us!

Will Work for Food!

 "Hire me!"

We have a handful of professional working cats here at HSSV looking for a full-time gig.  While they probably won't don an adorable hard hat for you, they will solve your rodent problem!  They would love to roam your barn, warehouse, corporate campus or plant nursery in exchange for room, board, and meals.  Check out their resumes:


Objective: To rid your land of rodents.

Experience: 3 years of stalking mouse toys, 2 months of letting humans pet me for treats.

Skills: Hiding, pouncing and general handsomeness.

Recommendation: "Rubix loves treats!  When he's feeling friendly, he'll rub on you and purr hello" --Laurie, HSSV cat volunteer


Objective: To live on your property and catch mice all day!

Experience: 2 months of living with other cats, and a lifetime of batting these beautiful blues.

Skills: Sneaking, playing, vanishing into thin air.

Recommendation: "Zoey is a very independent and self-sufficient girl.  And she LOVES other cats!” --Ashley, HSSV staff member

Monsieur Chocolat

Objective: To chase rodents away and look good doing it.

Experience: 3 straight months of handling brief petting sessions with panache.

Skills: Quick learner, quick thinker, and quick mover.

Recommendation: "This guy is a talker!  He has the best meow." -- Jamie HSSV staff


Objective: To dazzle you with my mouse-catching wits.

Experience: Hunting stuffed toys all morning, sleeping all afternoon.

Skills: Being loyal, spry, and adorable to say the least.

Recommendation: "Icicle loves to play with her toys and other cats.  She's practicing for a full time mouser job," --Jaimeleigh, HSSV cat volunteer


To hire one of these eager candidates, call us at 408-262-2133 ext 150 or visit today!

Learn more about our working cat program here

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pre-Summer Blockbusters Now At HSSV: The Fluffies Are Getting Rave Reviews.

A tour de force of non-shedding delight! At ten years old, Paris is the original - a sassy Maltese mix. Keeko is the sequel - age six, more poodle looking than his mom. This pair is only available as a box set. 

The critics are raving: 

"Always fun, always lively, completely housebroken, this pair is a must see. The fact they have to go together only makes them that much more fun." - Edgar Stenroos, Film Critic, The Fargo Far Crier

"It's like a Greek chorus of adorable only there's only two of them and they're not Greek. Wait, is Malta in Greece?" - Jillian Welsenshmageldorf, Entertainment Editor, Geography Times
"I can't believe they're joggers. They don't shed and they jog?? That's amazing. You stay in shape and don't even have to buy a fuzz brush. Truly a must have for the fashion and health savvy wanna be pet parent"  - Lefty Eaglepants, Fashion and Health Columnist, Fast Food Fanatic Magazine.

"This mother/son pair is a winning proposition. Line up a groomer and bring a spare lap because these two are too good to pass up. They cuddle, they run, they're smart, non-destructive in the house and sassy to boot. Why say no?" - Joe Stipples, Stipples and Balkies At The Movies.

"What he said." - Bob Balkies, Stipples and Balkies At The Movies

The Reviewers Have Spoken! Byron's An Overnight Sensation!

"He's like a mini Chewbacca! Only he's not a Wookie and he doesn't know how to fly a spaceship. But he's housebroken which is way more useful than flying a spaceship." - Anna Marie Pulowski, Head Jedi, Star Wars Review.

"Sturdily put together with a wonderful top coat that resists shedding. Compact yet energetic. Excellent design. An amusing and multifunctional companion!" - Stan Carpenter, Product and Media Review, Woodworkers Monthly.

"So playful but also knows how to get down for some cuddle time. Loves squeaky toys and tennis balls but  knows some basic commands. A multifaceted performance from an up and coming star. Shih Tzu fans everywhere are going to be lining up for this one." - Squeaky McGee, Lead Writer, Small Hairy Dog Chronicle-Review.

"The Brad Pitt of fluffy dogs. The eyes, the coat, the whole package. Yes, Byron needs regular haircuts but when you look this good, who would begrudge you some maintenance? Run, don't walk, to see this little guy today." - Vera Waftly, Editor/Writer/Subscription Manager/Director, Collectible Mustard Bottle Times.

Kick off your Spring by bringing home a critically acclaimed fluffy! Come to HSSV to see what all the buzz is about!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Making Cents For Our Animals

15 year-old Harrison Eagle of San Jose, wanted to create a Pennies for Paws donation project in support of the animals at Humane Society Silicon Valley.  "I have always loved animals and I always want to do my community projects for animal causes,” Harrison admits.  “So when my mom told me it was time for a new community project I decided to do a Penny Drive for Humane Society Silicon Valley.”

Demonstrating a “Can Do!” attitude, Harrison persisted past the first ten schools that rejected his request, finally convincing Discovery Charter School in West San Jose to participate.  For six weeks, Harrison posted flyers at the school and put special announcements in the school newsletter and in the school’s email groups.  Working with our Education Department, he was able to arrange an award for the classroom that donated the most money: a chance to name three of our animals.  The combination of the cool prize, Harrison’s hard work, and his sincere dedication to our animals really paid off.  “We raised a total of $425.44,” Harrison beams. 

“Harrison has been supporting Humane Society Silicon Valley since he was about five years old,” according to his mom, Barbara Eagle.  “Over the years, he’s baked dog biscuits, made catnip toys, collected newspapers and blankets – never because it was required for scouts or for school.  He does it because he really cares.  He has a generous heart.”  

“With just a little effort, I was able to support an important organization and a cause that I really care about,” Harrison smiles, “It felt great helping out Humane Society Silicon Valley.” 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monty the Great!

Introducing... Monty!  


Shelter life was pretty stressful for Monty, so much so that he was actually losing hair.  So safely in the care of foster mom Jean, Monty has been improving and living the good life.  Here's some fun facts about Monty straight from the woman who knows him best:

(note: these photos are not of Monty.  He is much more dignified than these kitties.)

1. He loves to play with string toys

2. He wants to play with the kittens but he's just not too sure how to go about it (I think they're a little small for him).

3. He was terrified of the television when he first came here but now he is getting used to household noises and completely ignores the television.

Puppy bowl rerun?  Seriously?

4. He loves to be brushed with a zoom groom and he can't get enough head and cheek scratching.  He purrs to let you know how much he's enjoying the attention.

So.  Gooooooooooooooood.

5. He likes to find a sunny spot for his afternoon nap.

Bye, bye farmer tan!

If you are interesting in meeting/adopting Monty, please contact his social secretary Christina at 408-262-2133 ext.186

Special thanks to foster mom Jean for giving us a peek into Monty's world!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Five Reasons HSSV Dogs Are Better Than A Vegas Show

The Results Are In - If You Bet On Our Dogs You're A Winner.


Reason #1) Less Eyeliner, More Levitation.

Levitation, Vegas Style.

Vegas magic shows occasionally will offer a display of levitation. Inevitably, these will be done far away from the audience or only viewable in blurry photos. Yawn. 

Levitation, HSSV style.
Levitation happens every day here, particularly when Inky is around and there's a toy involved. It's actually hard to take a picture of Inky with his feet on the ground. Polite and gentlemanly in his obedience class, the big boy veritably floats when it's play time. No blurriness here. Think you missed it? He'll do it again.


#2) When Our Dogs Hypnotize, No One Winds Up Talking To Their Shoe. 
Hello 911? I smell rubber and dirty socks.
Traditional magic show hypnosis inevitably winds up with the participants humiliating themselves in ways they'll never live down. Who needs that? Normal life is embarrassing enough and you paid too much for the iPhone to make calls from your shoe. 

You are flying towards my mouth, flying cookie. 
Our dogs don't mess with silly human tricks. If you're going to the trouble of hypnotizing something make it count. Hypnotize a cookie (like Oso is) or hypnotize a human to give you a cookie. Just stare at the treat bag long enough and they'll get the idea. 

Reason #3) Vegas Magicians Make Things We Actually Need Vanish.

Spleen? I don't need no stinkin' spleen.
 If you're going to make something disappear, probably better that it be something you can easily replace. Therefore having everything south of your chin but north of your feet vanish is a really, really bad idea. You need those organs. They like, pump blood and process oxygen and stuff. 

This is a buffet, right?
Tara makes kibble disappear. And if more kibble doesn't appear quickly, she'll make the bowl appear at your feet. While kibble is necessary it's way cheaper and easier to replace then vital internal organs, the Statue of Liberty or members of the audience. 

Reason #4) Cirque De Chihuahua Is Way Funnier.

File under 'worst moment to have an itchy nose'.
The fact that people can do this is amazing. It's awe-inspiring. It can even make you feel guilty for skipping that yoga class you meant to go to. But it doesn't inspire hilarity like....

We are NOT attempting the pyramid, Lionel.
Small dog play group. They bend. They twist. They contort. They make ridiculous faces and funny squeaking noises. They run too fast and wipe out on the grass. It's impossible to watch an HSSV small dog play group and not smile.

Reason #5) Pomeranian Patting Beats Lion Lifting Any Day.

This is a bad idea in so many different ways.
Lions, like a lot of cats, prefer four on the floor.  Leaving out the politics and silly outfits, this whole scenario is fraught with problems. Ugh.

Small and fluffy, yes. But lion-like in his own way.
Eleven year old Pomeranian Bosco also prefers four on the floor but he was always up for some patting. Prior to finding his new home (Godspeed, Bosco!) he got a lot of attention from staff, volunteers and the public. Even Mike, the facilities manager, fell prey to his charms.

(A big thank you to Behavior Associate Minttu for the awesome photos!)

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Claws Make the Paw

Spring has started to bloom and it seems like everyone is sporting an new pedicure to celebrate the return of sandal season. It may also be the time to take a look at our kitty's nail needs. Our cats have plenty of advice to keep toes looking pretty. 

 Chico says: Trim your kitty's claws.  Check out the proper technique to a purrfect manicure.
"I am ready when you are!"

Oden advises: Provide catnip-covered scratching posts to encourage self grooming habits. 
"Cat nip makes everything better."

Fluffy suggests: For a lasting at-home solution apply nail caps like Soft Paws.

"I have a pin board for nail art."

HSSV Almuni Lucien doesn't have anything to add, he just wants you to see how many toes he has.
"Extra toes is extra cute."

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This Spring Accesorize With The Latest Shepherd Mixes - Now Available In All Colors!

Looking for something to spruce up your Spring wardrobe? Forget bags and belts, think Shepherd Mix! HSSV currently has them in all styles and colors, perfect for the dog lover with style!

Thinking Black and Tan? 

You could have this dress. It's sophisticated and pretty and is perfect for formal
occasions. But you definitely wouldn't want to wear it for a walk around the block or to a barbecue - oh, the dry cleaning bills. You what is black and tan and a great match for Spring and Summer fun? 


 This beautiful black and tan boy came in with an injury that has since been treated. At eight years old he's mellow and friendly. Due to his injury he's not terribly high energy but he would love to go for walks. He's friendly and social and loves being patted. He'd be great company for summer barbecues and backyard time. Unlike the dress, if he gets barbecue sauce on him he's likely to clean it up himself. He's wash and wear!

A Sleek All Black Look? 

Very slick, very modern, probably not something you'd wear hitting the trails in the Santa Cruz mountains or hanging out on the beach. In fact it's probably the last thing you'd want to wear to the beach. Imagine getting sand out of those glasses - eek. And the leather with salt water? Forget it. You know what is just as stylish but a great choice for beach days? 


Just as sleek, just as modern and she knows how to rock a neck bandanna. Sand can easily be brushed out of her short, shiny coat and she's guaranteed to make any trip more fun. This fun, silly two year old has a history of being housebroken and crate trained and has attended some obedience classes already. Probably mixed with Kelpie, she has the mind and energy level of a herding dog and would love to do agility and flyball. Unlike our black leather suit, she won't shrink from exposure to salt water. 

How About An Elegant Russet Suit? 

Classy! Corduroy! And who can turn down a fedora? Corduroy attracts dog hair, though. And that is a lot of clothing - shirt, tie, vest, jacket - aack. It could take you a half hour just to get dressed. Not a good thing when the weather's nice and you just want to go. You know what's always ready to leave in five minutes?


Snap his harness and leash on him and handsome Jake is ready to be out the door! Housebroken and congenial, six year old Jake has been in foster care for more than a year waiting for his perfect family. He's not great with other dogs but he adores people and bonds very closely with his person. He's not destructive in the home and loves going out for walks and hikes. Unlike the corduroy suit, he doesn't attract dog hair (though he does shed it). And unlike the fedora, he's perfectly safe to have out on a windy day.

Maybe An Adventurous Tan Ensemble? 

While this looks great on Nicole Kidman, it might be a bit much for most of us. If nothing else, finding a safari suit would be difficult in the South Bay. That said, should you decide to go for this look (and even if you don't) you'll need to have a great adventure to wear it out on. And you know who is a great adventuring partner and doesn't require a veil and goggles of his own? 


 Okay, so maybe he would look smashing with some goggles of his very own. Even without, this three year old shepherd mix is stunner. Oso is enormously sweet, very energetic and will do just about anything for a cookie. Check out his picture - that's his cookie face. In the brief time he's been here he's learned sit and down. He loves stuffed animals, cuddling and playtime. 

Ready for your new Spring Shepherd mix makeover? Come see us today. Our highly skilled adoption counselors can you steer you towards the look that's best for you.