Monday, April 29, 2013

Valuable Life Lessons From The HSSV Dogs: It's OK To Be You.

#1) It's OK To Unabashedly Look Up To Those You Admire.

Mabel, you're the best. And your breath smells like beef liver.

#2) Never Be Afraid To Lean In For The Cuddle.

You're drooling on me, Frank. But I love you anyways.

#3) If You're Having Fun Don't Worry About How You Look. Your Friends Will Still Love You.

If you don't chase me RIGHT NOW my head might explode.

#4) It's Perfectly OK To Be Smug When You Get What You Want.

Tee-hee-hee. Toy. Pool. Sun.

#5) It's Also Perfectly OK To Be Really Disappointed When You Don't.

Erhmaghawd! Ball! C'mere ball! Ball noooooooo!

#6) If Pouting Gets You What You Want Then Go For It. 

I can make this sad face as long as you can insist on not giving me what you're eating.

#7) Getting Adopted Is A Perfect Reason To Throw A Dance Party.

She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a secondhand store....

#8) Or If You Can't Dance, To Do This:

Someone's going to have to help me back up. 

Looking for a wise pooch to teach you some life lessons? Mabel and Kylie from the first picture are here and available. Mabel's the tall one. You can also ask Frank Jr. or April May to be your live-in guru. They're in the second picture and Frank's the drooly one with the big head. If you need some help with your inhibitions try Buddy, the little dog in the third picture. Wiggles, who is also pictured, is already adopted. Milton, our enormously pleased white dog in the fourth picture, is more than happy to move in and tutor you as well. Jude, the very expressive tennis ball dog in the fifth picture, would be as pleased as Milton if you'd come in to meet him. Buddy, in the sixth picture, can teach you his show-stopping pout, guaranteed to get you what you want.  All of these guys are available at our Milpitas Animal Community Center. If you love our dancing fluffies in the seventh picture, I'm both pleased and saddened to tell you that Keeko and Paris were adopted. So was Graham, the mushy faced bully dog in the seventh picture. 

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