Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This Spring Accesorize With The Latest Shepherd Mixes - Now Available In All Colors!

Looking for something to spruce up your Spring wardrobe? Forget bags and belts, think Shepherd Mix! HSSV currently has them in all styles and colors, perfect for the dog lover with style!

Thinking Black and Tan? 

You could have this dress. It's sophisticated and pretty and is perfect for formal
occasions. But you definitely wouldn't want to wear it for a walk around the block or to a barbecue - oh, the dry cleaning bills. You what is black and tan and a great match for Spring and Summer fun? 


 This beautiful black and tan boy came in with an injury that has since been treated. At eight years old he's mellow and friendly. Due to his injury he's not terribly high energy but he would love to go for walks. He's friendly and social and loves being patted. He'd be great company for summer barbecues and backyard time. Unlike the dress, if he gets barbecue sauce on him he's likely to clean it up himself. He's wash and wear!

A Sleek All Black Look? 

Very slick, very modern, probably not something you'd wear hitting the trails in the Santa Cruz mountains or hanging out on the beach. In fact it's probably the last thing you'd want to wear to the beach. Imagine getting sand out of those glasses - eek. And the leather with salt water? Forget it. You know what is just as stylish but a great choice for beach days? 


Just as sleek, just as modern and she knows how to rock a neck bandanna. Sand can easily be brushed out of her short, shiny coat and she's guaranteed to make any trip more fun. This fun, silly two year old has a history of being housebroken and crate trained and has attended some obedience classes already. Probably mixed with Kelpie, she has the mind and energy level of a herding dog and would love to do agility and flyball. Unlike our black leather suit, she won't shrink from exposure to salt water. 

How About An Elegant Russet Suit? 

Classy! Corduroy! And who can turn down a fedora? Corduroy attracts dog hair, though. And that is a lot of clothing - shirt, tie, vest, jacket - aack. It could take you a half hour just to get dressed. Not a good thing when the weather's nice and you just want to go. You know what's always ready to leave in five minutes?


Snap his harness and leash on him and handsome Jake is ready to be out the door! Housebroken and congenial, six year old Jake has been in foster care for more than a year waiting for his perfect family. He's not great with other dogs but he adores people and bonds very closely with his person. He's not destructive in the home and loves going out for walks and hikes. Unlike the corduroy suit, he doesn't attract dog hair (though he does shed it). And unlike the fedora, he's perfectly safe to have out on a windy day.

Maybe An Adventurous Tan Ensemble? 

While this looks great on Nicole Kidman, it might be a bit much for most of us. If nothing else, finding a safari suit would be difficult in the South Bay. That said, should you decide to go for this look (and even if you don't) you'll need to have a great adventure to wear it out on. And you know who is a great adventuring partner and doesn't require a veil and goggles of his own? 


 Okay, so maybe he would look smashing with some goggles of his very own. Even without, this three year old shepherd mix is stunner. Oso is enormously sweet, very energetic and will do just about anything for a cookie. Check out his picture - that's his cookie face. In the brief time he's been here he's learned sit and down. He loves stuffed animals, cuddling and playtime. 

Ready for your new Spring Shepherd mix makeover? Come see us today. Our highly skilled adoption counselors can you steer you towards the look that's best for you.

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