Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pre-Summer Blockbusters Now At HSSV: The Fluffies Are Getting Rave Reviews.

A tour de force of non-shedding delight! At ten years old, Paris is the original - a sassy Maltese mix. Keeko is the sequel - age six, more poodle looking than his mom. This pair is only available as a box set. 

The critics are raving: 

"Always fun, always lively, completely housebroken, this pair is a must see. The fact they have to go together only makes them that much more fun." - Edgar Stenroos, Film Critic, The Fargo Far Crier

"It's like a Greek chorus of adorable only there's only two of them and they're not Greek. Wait, is Malta in Greece?" - Jillian Welsenshmageldorf, Entertainment Editor, Geography Times
"I can't believe they're joggers. They don't shed and they jog?? That's amazing. You stay in shape and don't even have to buy a fuzz brush. Truly a must have for the fashion and health savvy wanna be pet parent"  - Lefty Eaglepants, Fashion and Health Columnist, Fast Food Fanatic Magazine.

"This mother/son pair is a winning proposition. Line up a groomer and bring a spare lap because these two are too good to pass up. They cuddle, they run, they're smart, non-destructive in the house and sassy to boot. Why say no?" - Joe Stipples, Stipples and Balkies At The Movies.

"What he said." - Bob Balkies, Stipples and Balkies At The Movies

The Reviewers Have Spoken! Byron's An Overnight Sensation!

"He's like a mini Chewbacca! Only he's not a Wookie and he doesn't know how to fly a spaceship. But he's housebroken which is way more useful than flying a spaceship." - Anna Marie Pulowski, Head Jedi, Star Wars Review.

"Sturdily put together with a wonderful top coat that resists shedding. Compact yet energetic. Excellent design. An amusing and multifunctional companion!" - Stan Carpenter, Product and Media Review, Woodworkers Monthly.

"So playful but also knows how to get down for some cuddle time. Loves squeaky toys and tennis balls but  knows some basic commands. A multifaceted performance from an up and coming star. Shih Tzu fans everywhere are going to be lining up for this one." - Squeaky McGee, Lead Writer, Small Hairy Dog Chronicle-Review.

"The Brad Pitt of fluffy dogs. The eyes, the coat, the whole package. Yes, Byron needs regular haircuts but when you look this good, who would begrudge you some maintenance? Run, don't walk, to see this little guy today." - Vera Waftly, Editor/Writer/Subscription Manager/Director, Collectible Mustard Bottle Times.

Kick off your Spring by bringing home a critically acclaimed fluffy! Come to HSSV to see what all the buzz is about!

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