Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adorable Instruments of Mass Destruction: Meet The Puppies of HSSV.

I'm going to eat some of your socks. You'll forgive me.
It's been a busy spring here at HSSV with lots of adoptions. Not only is nature giving us a new crop of tulips, we also seem to be harvesting a big crop of puppies as well. We currently have pups from several different litters. Some of these guys came through our PUP program.

Sofa, chew toy, whatever.  Let's not quibble over details...
What is the PUP program? Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies (PUP) helps people with accidental litters find loving, responsible homes for their puppies and get their dogs fixed to prevent future whoopsies. PUP participants surrender the puppies to us at no fee provided we get to fix mom (also at no fee) prior to returning her to the owner.

I wouldn't walk down the hallway barefoot if I was you.

We also take transfers from other shelters and several of our pups came from county shelters. If other shelters are too full or have pups (or dogs) that need a quieter shelter, we'll work with them to bring the animals to HSSV. We also will transfer in animals that would benefit from some extra medical or behavioral TLC or are too young to be immediately adoptable. Our awesome foster parents will open their home to the too-youngsters until they're ready to find a forever home.

No  wonder you loved that shirt so much - it was delicious.
Once puppies are adopted out, we offer puppy and older puppy training classes to help new owners learn to communicate with their new family members. The classes are also an excellent chance for pups to develop social skills. Puppies, while adorable, can be a handful and having access to a trainer to help teach desirable behaviors and talk you through issues can be invaluable.

I'm not saying I peed in the kitchen. I'm just saying you might want to consider the possibility that what's on the floor is not water. 
All pups adopted from HSSV come spayed or neutered, microchipped and with all shots that are age appropriate when they leave. If they're too young to have a rabies shot adopters are given a voucher to come back for one. They also have access to our behavior helpline and receive discounts on our training classes. With so much cuteness and so many adorable little faces, who can resist?

You know how you said you wanted to remodel the bathroom? We got started on that for you.
Ellen, Dean, Wilson, Archie and Betsy are all available for adoption from our Animal Community Center in Milpitas. All of them are lovely puppies and not one of them has done the horrible things in the captions. That said, they did maul Erica with puppy breath during the making of this blog.

Don't worry, I think she's going to survive.

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