Saturday, March 31, 2012


Laid Back Love Bugs
Alaska and Avalanche came to live with us when their owner’s health suddenly declined. Despite the drastic change in circumstances, these boys are both optimistic as can be and exceedingly happy to be anywhere, so long as they are there together!

Much like their namesakes, Avalanche and Alaska are cool kitty cats. If given the chance, Avalanche will lure you to his condo so you can come and say hi, while brother Alaska will demonstrate his love of water by playing with his water bowl!

Alaska and Avalanche adore laps, love, and lots of liberal petting, so if you have some to give come to Petco-Saratoga to see them today!

              Castor and Pollux: Crafty Cats

If stealth is your middle name, we have just the pair of cats for you! Castor and Pollux are among our very best cat wand chasers and have excellent reflexes. They tag team almost every toy that comes their way, and can play for days on end!

Showcasing their amazing intellect and strong bond, these two will mirror each other’s moves during play to always end up victorious and at feeding time as well: The boys are so close that they even eat out of the same food bowl. Talk about excellent sharing skills!

You can also see the boys spending lots of time observing other cats, perhaps taking notes on the competition for craftiest cats at Petco Sunnyvale. Stop by today and meet them!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Caturday! Meet Mr. Monroe

Are you lonely and tired of hearing yourself think 24-7?Hoping to find that feline companion who warms your heart and shares somepalatial space with you? Then look no further than our very own Monroe!

An unfortunate victim to a cross country job relocation,Monroe came to us a little over a week ago and has been making the most of hisnew family and surroundings since. His most memorable characteristic is withouta doubt his talkative nature: Monroe often converses with anyone willing tolisten, and will sometimes sing a song for us. We think he should audition for“The Voice,” as he has the ability to croon for hours on end!

As if he wasn’t awesome enough, Monroe has also lived withdogs and absolutely adores children! If you’re looking for a frisky kitty who’salways willing to share his opinion with you, come on down to Petco Saratoga tomeet him!