Saturday, March 17, 2012

Caturday - Squeaky Clean

Every kiss has a story.

Brought in as a stray Squeaky was not readily trusting. While accepting of our petting, she didn't seem to enjoy hands on her. She would look out her window with dilated wide-eyes not sure what was going on.

To make her comfortable, we built her blanket forts out of bedding and boxes so she felt safe and invisible. She wanted to watch us without being seen. You could see her thinking "what ARE these strange pink creatures who bring me food and take away my poop". She studied us closely, curiosity slowly taking over from fear.

Then the day came when she leaned in to our hands, participating in the petting. Her whole world clicked, people are awesome! Or at least the ones she sees everyday who bring her nummies. Squeaky is currently looking for her forever person to continue to show her cats with people have it the best. Stop by our Sunnyvale Satellite and see if she'll share her kisses with you.


  1. Awww, that's so cute! How precious....

  2. This is one sweet cat who lives to love the humans who take care of her. Not sure if she thinks we are that dirty or it's her way of saying thank you for caring about me.