Friday, May 25, 2018

The Troublesome Trio

Fairly often, we see dogs come in that are considered "too much dog" for some people. They have a lot of energy, need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, and may not be totally up to date on that whole "manners" thing. 

And while rambunctious dogs are a big turn off to a lot of people, we've learned something pretty cool - "rambunctious" is just another word for "perfect" in the eyes of some awesome people. These people often know what it's like to be a bit of an outsider - the kid who can't sit still in class, or always needs to be moving, or thinks best when on the run. If you think we might be talking about you, read on. We have a few dogs you just might need to meet.

Rocky: The Oversized Champion

Do you like big boys and you cannot lie? Great, let's meet.

Rocky is not a dog for the faint of heart. Weighing in at over 110 pounds, he's really looking for someone who likes and understands big, big dogs. 

Rocky isn't a huge believer in personal space. That's the polite way to say "he likes to jump on people and doesn't understand that he's massive." But he's working on it. Like all prize-fighting champions, Rocky just needs some training and a little reminder to use that impulse control.

Maybe our favorite thing about Rocky is his love of dogs. He loves to run and chase, and is really, really good with dogs who are rude to him. Which is more than we can say for some people.
This is my ball. I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.

 Buddy: The Ball-Obsessed Teenager

There are a few things we know for sure about Buddy. One is that something happened to him before he got here. He came in with an injury to his tail that was pretty traumatic and required surgery to repair it. The second is that even after his tail was healed, Buddy had some behavioral issues to work through as a result of what we assume was a hard life before he came to us. 

And the third thing we know is that Buddy is truly a champ. We don't know exactly what his life was like before he reached our doorstep, but we have a feeling it wasn't great. And despite that, Buddy is light years from where he started. After a few months of labor and love by our medical and behavior staff, we're seeing some amazing improvements. Buddy is so sweet, so focused and willing to learn new things, and so, so obsessed with his ball. 

 I will fetch my ball no matter what. Even in the rain.

Buddy thrives on a routine, consistency, and encouragement. Which, if we're being honest, a lot of us do too. If you're one of those people that always wakes up at 6am, even on weekends, and you like to throw a ball around more than your average person, you should meet Buddy. (To meet Buddy, make sure to fill out the questionnaire on his page first. And don't forget to watch his awesome video for more deets about him!)

Keep up the cuddles, lady. I'm here all week.

Dudley: The Klutzy Energizer Bunny

Tie dye really is my color.

Last, but certainly not least, is Dudley, who got the memo about dressing to impress and took it a step further. Dudley is, without a doubt, one of the biggest goofballs we've ever met.

When we first met Dudley, he was so scared and shy. But with just a little bit of time to relax, this silly dude is showing a whole new side of his personality. His true colors are here - and they're equal parts goofy and active, with just a dash of sass thrown in for good measure. 

Dudley, once terrified of dogs, is now regularly taking part in playgroups - word on the street is that it's his favorite part of the day, and helps him get out the wigglies.

If you've ever felt a little bit misunderstood, or came off as a wallflower when inside you know you're meant to be the life of the party, you'd probably get Dudley. And there's a good chance you would love him just as much as we do. (By the way, Dudley had an entire video made about him - and it's pretty awesome. Don't miss it.)

 So. Tired. But must keep playing!

If you've ever been told you're "too much" - too much personality, too much energy - we see you. And we're here for you. And we think we have the dog for you. Because at HSSV, we love the misfits and the outsiders and the kids who just need a little something extra. Many of us are those types of people, and working with those types of animals is what makes our jobs so rewarding. We know there are really, really good homes out there for the Rockys, Buddys, and Dudleys of the world. If you think you might be one of them, we highly suggest you come by. Your better half is here waiting.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Real Cats of Silicon Valley

The cats are here, and they have an embarrassing confession to make.

 Our business is beauty, and we're the bosses.

They've been watching too much reality TV, and now they're ready to audition for their own star roles.

What's even more embarrassing about this whole thing? They're not embarrassed at all.

Talent, beauty and fame. We have it all.

The cats have gone wild, and they can't be stopped. 

 They've been telling us for weeks that they're tired of their boring, unappreciated lives here at the shelter. We clearly didn't listen well enough, and now they've decided to head out and live a life of fame. 

This new lifestyle is gonna be a yes for us, dawg.

 They're getting dramatic, and it's clear the cats will do just about anything to bust themselves out of here. 

Seriously, they're going to any length necessary. Any. Length. Necessary.

Family ever after. 

Help us help them. We know they're not fans of being here, but we'd like to keep them from embarrassing themselves. Because when they embarrass themselves, it's a reflection of us. And we just can't be known as the people that let their cats start their own reality show. It's not what we want to be known for. 

From today through June 3rd, you can adopt one of these Real Cats of Silicon Valley for only $20 at our Milpitas ACC. Applies to all cats over 6 months. Please help us get them into a home - who knows what attention-seeking tactics they'll think of next.

Friday, May 11, 2018

What a Mom Wants

It's almost Mother's Day. And while we know kids make their best guesses at what their moms want (macaroni art, anyone?), it's usually slightly off base. 

But fear not. We know what moms really want. And so do our animals, which is why they're here to give you a list of great ideas for gifts for the moms in your life.

1) A shopping spree

These nice ladies are teaching me what colors go best with my undertones.
Jojo was a mom herself, so she knows how important it is to spend a little time pampering herself. She recently went on her own Mother's Day excursion - to her favorite Sephora shop!

2) A spa day

Don't I look amazing now?
Twix* wasn't a mom, but he sure can appreciate a good spa day. And we're pretty sure your mom would too.

3) A yoga package

If I just stretch a little further I'll get that mouse...
Checkers knows that a good hour at yoga can ease the worries of a crazy week. Here, she's practicing her sideways downward dog (although she wishes you wouldn't call it that). 

4) A lifetime supply of peanut butter

You betcha. Keep it comin'. that just our dogs that want that? Well this is awkward...we're just gonna walk away now... guys really bungled this one.

 But some of your moms might like something even better.

 I think I know what you're gonna say!

Can you guess what it is?

Probably. You all are the worst at creating suspense. Come on, a child a could do better.

To come visit us! We have so many fuzzy, furry, squishable pets who make perfect Mother's Day presents (and did we mention some of them were moms themselves, and totally deserve a new home as their Mother's Day gift?). Spend Mother's Day the best way possible - come see us.

*Twix has been adopted, but if it's fluffies you're after, check out our adoption page - we see fluffies around here a lot.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Three Blind Kitties

You've heard of the three blind mice. But honestly, that song is a little annoying, and if we're being honest, kind of creepy.

Around here, we're far more partial to the three blind kitties.*

Is this what the kids call #squadgoals?

What, you haven't heard of the three blind kitties? That's a shame. Let us clue you in.**

You're about to be very, very impressed.

First, there's Potato Salad. Potato Salad is featured with Corn Chip, and honestly, it's pretty hard to tell which is which in this photo. Potato Salad is what's called a "sun kitten," which is a term we absolutely just made up. It refers to a kitten that derives its energy by laying in the sun, and then unleashes it all on whatever toy (or piece of furniture) is closest. Because kittens.

I don't know what they're talking about. I'm a complete angel.
 Next is the aforementioned Corn Chip. We're inclined to think that Corn Chip is the one giving himself a mini spa day, but again, we could be wrong. Corn Chip is the most outgoing of the bunch - he purrs, he plays, the crowd goes wild. 

Last but not least is Salsa, who just hours before this writing found herself a new home. 

Thanks for thinking of me anyway.
These guys, while clearly adorable, have some pretty obvious physical differences. They were born with smaller eyes than normal. And there are a couple reasons why we think that's awesome:

1) Being different is cool. No one looks at Beyonce and thinks, "I love her because she's exactly the same as every other artist out there." Come on. They love her because she's one of a kind - and the three blind kittens are pretty close to one of a kind.
Did you just compare us to Beyonce? I'll take it.

2) Animals that look different make for internet GOLD. Your plain brown tabby just ain't cuttin' it on Instagram anymore (sorry). But have you ever heard of a dog named Tuna? Of course you have. Because he's unique. 
I would love my own Instagram. In fact, I demand it.

3) Because watching an animal overcome some kind of challenge is really, really cool. And super rewarding. Blind cats that can zigzag their way through your house no problem, paralyzed animals that figure out how to run in their own special way. It's awesome, and a little bananas. 

We agree. Obviously.

So there you go. Animals with differences, both physical and otherwise, are the bees knees (do people still use that expression? Yeesh, we're getting old). If you're a cat-loving type, Potato Salad and Corn Chip are still here, but probably not for long. Because they're awesome, and people who adopt blind cats are awesome, and you should be one of them.

 But if you're still unsure about adopting a blind cat, try Brett.


He comes with his own seeing-eye cat, Daisy. No, we're not joking. Yes, it's adorable.

 Let's squish both our heads together and then we can see together.

Convinced? Come by and meet these guys for yourself. And if you're still thinking you'd like a regular, non-Instagrammable cat with full sight, we have those too. And don't forget - cats over 6 months are only $20 at our Milpitas ACC through Sunday!

 *They're not actually totally blind. According to our vets, they can see some shapes and light changes and stuff. But still, maybe don't move the furniture around too often?
**Spoiler alert - we cheated, and added a fourth blind kitty. But who cares. The name stays.