Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Real Cats of Silicon Valley

The cats are here, and they have an embarrassing confession to make.

 Our business is beauty, and we're the bosses.

They've been watching too much reality TV, and now they're ready to audition for their own star roles.

What's even more embarrassing about this whole thing? They're not embarrassed at all.

Talent, beauty and fame. We have it all.

The cats have gone wild, and they can't be stopped. 

 They've been telling us for weeks that they're tired of their boring, unappreciated lives here at the shelter. We clearly didn't listen well enough, and now they've decided to head out and live a life of fame. 

This new lifestyle is gonna be a yes for us, dawg.

 They're getting dramatic, and it's clear the cats will do just about anything to bust themselves out of here. 

Seriously, they're going to any length necessary. Any. Length. Necessary.

Family ever after. 

Help us help them. We know they're not fans of being here, but we'd like to keep them from embarrassing themselves. Because when they embarrass themselves, it's a reflection of us. And we just can't be known as the people that let their cats start their own reality show. It's not what we want to be known for. 

From today through June 3rd, you can adopt one of these Real Cats of Silicon Valley for only $20 at our Milpitas ACC. Applies to all cats over 6 months. Please help us get them into a home - who knows what attention-seeking tactics they'll think of next.

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