Friday, September 21, 2018

The Rock Stars of HSSV

We need to talk about the rock stars of HSSV for a minute. 

No, not that kind of rock star.

We're talking about our medical team - the constantly-in-motion, never-stopping, hearts as big-as-planets medical team.

Yes, these kinds of rock stars.

Our medical team functions as the Renaissance Men of the organization - they can (and do) excel at many different things, and they have their hands in almost everything - literally (sorry, too graphic?).

Working in medical isn't all about squeezing cute puppies and kittens.

Okay, it was all about squeezing cute puppies and kittens in this particular moment. But there was hard work done later!

On any given day, the jobs of our medical team can vary widely. A week in the medical department often looks something like this:

Monday: Our intake and rescue team transfers in a huge number of dogs and puppies from a shelter in the Central Valley in need of our help. That means medical jumps into action - all these animals need to be examined, vaccinated, and started on any time-sensitive treatments.

Puppies? No problem.

Tuesday: Those animals brought in yesterday? They all need to be spayed/neutered. 

Oh, and the foster team has foster kittens coming in that also need surgery. 

And did we mention that a litter of puppies randomly came in? It would be great to get their surgeries done as well, so that they can be adopted as soon as possible instead of waiting around here.

Medical team, you got this?

They've got it. And with smiling faces, nonetheless.

Wednesday: A shelter up north needed help with an overflow of cats and kittens. Our intake team rushed in to help, and now 25 cats and kittens need examinations and vaccinations. 

Oh, and a few of the dogs from Monday need dental surgeries.

But wait - a stray dog was found after being hit by a car and needs immediate surgery - that needs to come first. 

Capece, medical peeps?

Yep, good to go. Phew.

Thursday: A call from another shelter came in. They need us to take in some of our animals, and many of them are sick. The rescue team needs some medical staff to ride along with them to the shelter and help out.

But the rest of the team has a vaccination clinic to get to - members of the public will be coming in for the next two hours, and each of those animals need to get vaccinated. 

And don't forget - there are two dozen animals in the shelter that need treatments and medications. 

Can ya handle all that?

Of course.

Friday: Finally, a relaxing day.

Just kidding - a bunch of those cats and kittens that came in on Wednesday need surgery. 

And there are appointments for foster families to bring in their kittens for vaccines throughout the day.

Oh, and a bunch of kittens have ringworm - they need their twice-weekly ringworm baths, and they'll need to be tested afterwards to make sure the treatment's working.

We present to you: smiling faces, despite that insane list of things to do!

Saturday: It's the busiest adoption day of the week. 

Some members of the medical are called to the adoptions desk to consult with adopters on their new animals' medical needs. 

Some team members are manning the vaccination clinic. 

And some are double-checking every animal's medical status and moving them to the adoption floor once they're ready to go.

Smiling faces, party of one.

Sunday: the last day of the week. No, not the day of rest. 

Because today, there's a mobile spay/neuter clinic taking place in San Jose. The medical team is on the spay/neuter bus performing free spay/neuter surgeries for the pets of members of the public. They'll be there for hours checking everyone in, sedating animals, performing surgeries, vaccinating animals, comforting the animals as they wake up, and returning them to their owners. Phew. We're tired just looking at that laundry list.

When we say the medical team are the true rock stars of HSSV, we really mean it. They're the glue that holds it all together. We're grateful for the extremely hard work, the long hours, and the lives they save. We're so lucky to have this team, made up of not only staff, but also volunteers and interns that make sure every animal that walks through our doors is given the utmost care possible. 

So today, we're giving a big, huge shout out to the medical team. We also have to give a bittersweet goodbye to our summer interns Stephanie Han and Julia Hyun. These UC Davis students spent their entire summer supporting the team and keeping everyone smiling in the process. And for that, we love you.

Pictured, Julia and Stephanie keeping the team smiling through it all:

Thank you medical team - we love and appreciate you more than you know. And we couldn't do what we do without you!

Friday, September 14, 2018

A Low Key Hipster Anthem

They're hip. They liked cold brew before it was cool. 

Cold brew is so 2017. What's cool is catnip tea - but only if it's organic, locally-sourced, and fair trade certified.

They love to take photos - but only using vintage film cameras, and only with black and white film. 

I made a darkroom in my bathroom and develop all my film photos myself.

They prefer craft beer (gluten-free only, please) that you've probably never heard of.

Keep your Budweiser, my taste exceeds it.

Their preferred accessories are vintage, ironic, and rarely serve a practical purpose, and their Instagrams are highly curated to reach their optimum aesthetics (millennial pink must be included).

Typing on this typewriter takes me 5 times as long and makes me look 10 times as cool.

They are hipster cats, and they're taking over the weekend.

This weekend only, adopt a black or tuxedo hipster cat (or kitten!) - their adoption fees are only 50% off at our Milpitas ACC!

It's not cold enough to wear a scarf yet - I'm wearing this ironically.

Come to our Milpitas Animal Community Center to adopt your very own hipster cat - dark-rimmed glasses not included.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

An Olympic Marathoner-In-Training

Runners are sleek. Lean. Focused. Determined. They're self-motivated - running is often a solo activity, after all.

No one possesses the perfect traits of runners more than Violet.

Hi. I'm Violet.

She's sleek - look at that beautiful blonde fur. Lean (that's what happens when you treat life as a treadmill, right Violet?). Focused - nothing can stop Violet from her true goal: running an entire loop around the earth. Determined - did we mention her goal? 

I'm faster than Flo Jo. Sign me up for the Olympics, guys.

She's extremely self-motivated. If you don't take her to run, she'll just do it herself. No partner needed.

And although she can treat running as a solo activity, Violet is fiercely competitive. Cats? They don't bother her, there's no competition there. Birds? Harmless, they don't need her attention.

But dogs? Dogs are competitors, and nothing else. She'd like them to stay out of her way, please, and pay her no mind.

Back up, boys, I've got work to do here.

And don't think Violet just pays lip service to running. She's serious about it - in fact, she's been training for a half-marathon with a few of our staff members for the past few months. And no surprise, she's killin' it. She sets the pace, and the pace is GOGOGO.

In all seriousness, Violet is awesome. She's a sweet, people-social girl (when she's not going 100 miles an hour, that is). She's smart as a whip and extremely food-motivated, which means training is a breeze (and fun!). 

Want to snuggle?

She's been looking for a home for a while, and we think it's about time someone came to appreciate her like she deserves.

So if you're looking for a running partner who has eyes for only you, ask for Violet.

(By the way - did we mention she's a comedienne?)