Saturday, September 8, 2018

An Olympic Marathoner-In-Training

Runners are sleek. Lean. Focused. Determined. They're self-motivated - running is often a solo activity, after all.

No one possesses the perfect traits of runners more than Violet.

Hi. I'm Violet.

She's sleek - look at that beautiful blonde fur. Lean (that's what happens when you treat life as a treadmill, right Violet?). Focused - nothing can stop Violet from her true goal: running an entire loop around the earth. Determined - did we mention her goal? 

I'm faster than Flo Jo. Sign me up for the Olympics, guys.

She's extremely self-motivated. If you don't take her to run, she'll just do it herself. No partner needed.

And although she can treat running as a solo activity, Violet is fiercely competitive. Cats? They don't bother her, there's no competition there. Birds? Harmless, they don't need her attention.

But dogs? Dogs are competitors, and nothing else. She'd like them to stay out of her way, please, and pay her no mind.

Back up, boys, I've got work to do here.

And don't think Violet just pays lip service to running. She's serious about it - in fact, she's been training for a half-marathon with a few of our staff members for the past few months. And no surprise, she's killin' it. She sets the pace, and the pace is GOGOGO.

In all seriousness, Violet is awesome. She's a sweet, people-social girl (when she's not going 100 miles an hour, that is). She's smart as a whip and extremely food-motivated, which means training is a breeze (and fun!). 

Want to snuggle?

She's been looking for a home for a while, and we think it's about time someone came to appreciate her like she deserves.

So if you're looking for a running partner who has eyes for only you, ask for Violet.

(By the way - did we mention she's a comedienne?)

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