Friday, September 14, 2018

A Low Key Hipster Anthem

They're hip. They liked cold brew before it was cool. 

Cold brew is so 2017. What's cool is catnip tea - but only if it's organic, locally-sourced, and fair trade certified.

They love to take photos - but only using vintage film cameras, and only with black and white film. 

I made a darkroom in my bathroom and develop all my film photos myself.

They prefer craft beer (gluten-free only, please) that you've probably never heard of.

Keep your Budweiser, my taste exceeds it.

Their preferred accessories are vintage, ironic, and rarely serve a practical purpose, and their Instagrams are highly curated to reach their optimum aesthetics (millennial pink must be included).

Typing on this typewriter takes me 5 times as long and makes me look 10 times as cool.

They are hipster cats, and they're taking over the weekend.

This weekend only, adopt a black or tuxedo hipster cat (or kitten!) - their adoption fees are only 50% off at our Milpitas ACC!

It's not cold enough to wear a scarf yet - I'm wearing this ironically.

Come to our Milpitas Animal Community Center to adopt your very own hipster cat - dark-rimmed glasses not included.

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