Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Handsome and Available: Meet Jake The German Shepherd Mix.

I bet you want to buy this toy just because I'm modeling it.

When you look this good, it's hard not to stare. Handsome, regal Jake originally came to our shelter as a transfer from another shelter. A wanderin' man, he was hanging out under a highway overpass when a good Samaritan discovered him. He was sent to a county shelter to give his owner a chance to find him but after a few days there he grew tired of the accommodations and transferred here.

Like all stars Jake has his quirks and he's spent a long time looking for the right role. Currently he's in foster care. He loves his foster mom dearly but he's ready for a place of his own. While he might not have a home of his own the one thing he does have is star quality. If you're looking for a canine dreamboat, Jake's your pooch.

That's a fine looking dog...

 Like George He's Friendly And Lovable But Not A Family Man.

Everyone loves George Clooney - except for his kids. Because George has chosen not to have kids. All of Clooney's friends (and even the press) describes him as loyal, sweet and friendly but just not up for having children.

Jake concurs. His foster mom will tell you that he couldn't be more dedicated to her and is a joy in the home but probably doesn't want children. He'd be happiest in an adult only home where he can shower his people with undivided attention.

I know foster mom - I look good.

 Like Alexander Skarsgard, He Respects His Elders.

That dog is better looking than me.

Skarsgard has given several interviews in which he talks about his grandmother who rules his extended Swedish clan with an iron fist. When he's in his native Stockholm, he takes her to lunch and then to her favorite tavern for hours every day. Not only does he respect his grandmother, he also loves her company.

Jake feels much the same way. While he might be a little much for anyone infirm, he has an affinity for women. His current foster mom is an active older woman and his best match might be a similar situation. You might want to skip the tavern (dogs don't drink) but he'd love to spend the day hanging out with you. Jake enjoys the pace of a quiet household - it gives him time to work on his show stopping poses.

Everything looks more stylish with me in front of it.

Like Johnny Depp, He Makes Middle Age Look Good. 

At age fifty Johnny Depp is still everything he was at 25 only more successful.  Still athletic, handsome and getting better roles than he did when he was younger. At six, Jake is in the prime of his life. He's past all the puppy silliness - the chewing, the hyperactivity, the scatterbrain puppy antics - but still energetic and active. It's truly the perfect age. He has all the skills and experience but none of the downsides of a puppy. 

This is my 'I'm waiting for you' pose.

Like Keanu Reeves, He's Been In It For A Long Time. 


Hollywood veteran Reeves started appearing in TV and movies in 1984. He didn't really hit it big until Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in 1989. That's a long time of slogging through roles like "Thug #2" and "Teen Client" in B-movies and short lived TV shows. 

Jake's also been in it for a long time. He originally came in to the shelter in mid-June of last year. While he's been awesome in his roles as 'HSSV foster dog' and 'obedience class attendee', he's definitely ready to hit the big time. Ready to give him his big break? Call Casaundra Cruz (his agent) at (408) 262-2133 X183 to schedule an audition today.  

That dog is most excellent..

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