Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Betty White Would Love Sarah and Ginger. So Should You.

We are NOT The Golden Girls.


Yes, we are elderly.

And yes, we are tan chihuahuas.

We're Also Bonded.

And We.



 Oh, small old dogs, they're just going to lie around the house and do nothing, right? Probably kind of sick or infirm, right?

They say the same thing about Betty White.

Quite honestly, we don't know if you can keep up with us. Can you throw two balls at the same time? We're both mad fetch addicts. If you can't throw for two dogs at once we don't know if we want to know you. What about walks? We need the exercise. We're very athletic. We started out at the San Martin shelter but needed more space than that so we were transferred to this shelter. The park can almost accommodate our fetch requirements. Almost.

You also need to have some tug of war toys and some stuffies. Oh and some blankets and places for Ginger to hide her stuff. She likes to hoard things.

Because we're older we can calm down in the house and we settle down nicely. That's the benefit of maturity. While we enjoy our lap time with you, we're not just going to sit around and cuddle all time. Occasionally we squabble and get into little misunderstandings with each other but we work it out. We can't be without each other but that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and daisies all the time, you know?

Anyway if you feel like you can hang with us, come down and meet us. But please, spare us the 'oh, those poor old dogs' routine. You wouldn't say that about Clint Eastwood, would you?

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  1. It is amazing how much work people do to get animals adopted. To tell the truth, it is worth it. I adopted Ginger and today she is living a spoiled life full of walks and treats. I know that Sarah was adopted a little before Ginger. They had both been in the shelter for over half a year. They were old and as people would say "nothing special". If you look at the animals in shelters it's mainly old chihuahuas and american pitbulls.
    Anyway, Ginger I love you so much youre the best dog in the world!!!!