Friday, October 12, 2012

New Additions

Ahoy there mate! I'm Captain Tiddlywinks of the USS Mad Dash, and let me tell you, can my toes dance. Like the best captains, I am agile on my feet, and know just how to avoid being caught up a tree without a perch. I am feisty and fast, and all things feline, loving both a good frolic through the house and quiet time for grooming. I've been awarded the "Best Kneader and North Star Chaser" award, and love to do a little dance and jig for you in my handy dandy cat tree. My seal of approval to let you know you've hit a sweet spot- why, a little love nip, of course! 

 Hi there, I'm Wilson Playstation! I was official mascot of Sony Playstation's Walk 'n Wag team! I'm a happy little buddy looking for truuuue love! If you are in need of an enthusiastic "Welcome Home!!!" at the end of a hard day, then I'm your man! No one is going to be more excited to see you than I will! I love belly rubs and treats and going for walks around the neighborhood. I'm the best friend you're ever going to meet - so what are you waiting for? Watch my video and see me in action.

I am Buttons, my brother Bowtie are all dressed up for your next formal event.  With my white coat, ruby eyes, and stylist tan gloves we would be the hit of any social scene.  I am a little more outgoing, but once Bowtie has a chance to circle the room and check out the food selection, he'll be ready for some light conversation.

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