Friday, November 16, 2012

The Two Avas, Icons of Style and Grace

Ava Gardner was an actress during the golden age of cinema. HSSV's Ava is a nine month old chihuahua mix with a golden personality. While the two are very different, they do have some things in common.

Both are born models. While Ava Gardner was always seen in the latest fashions, our Ava looks graceful and athletic in her dog sweaters and thundershirt. Having a short coat she occasionally needs some help staying warm but she proves dog sweaters don't have to be frou-frou.

They both have great smiles. Ava Gardner flashed her pearly whites on the screen but a smile from our Ava doesn't require purchase of a movie ticket. Cookies, pats, a good run in the yard and a nice lap to curl up in will win you a grin.


They both had amazing presence on the red carpet.  Or the red agility tunnel in our Ava's case. Since being with us Ava has been attending some obedience classes and playing on the agility equipment in our yard. While she hasn't begun formal agility training, her energy level and eagerness to please make her an excellent candidate for dog sports.

While they do have much in common, there are some traits they don't share.

Our Ava doesn't smoke. Though she does enjoy chewing on a stick from time to time - she is a puppy. Because she takes such good care of herself she has years of love to give a new family. Her excellent cardiovascular health would also make her a good jogging or hiking partner - this little girl has stamina to spare.

Unlike Ava Gardner, our Ava is not a romantic heroine. That said, she's a great kisser.

If you're interested in an active, fun little dog who is enthusiastic and affectionate, come in today to see about making Ava your leading lady.

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