Sunday, January 5, 2014

HSSV Cats Welcome in 2014!

'Tis the season to make your new year's resolutions!  How are yours coming along?  Most of our kitties here at HSSV have already given up on theirs -- and whose to blame them?  They are cats, after all.  Actually, it's amazing they made it this far.

Our advice?  Don't make your cat your motivation to get up and moving.  Chances are, they will only manage to drag you back to the couch and forget all about that gym membership you still have from January 2013.  Because ultimately, every cat's new year's resolution is simple: 
make the human my servant.

Need some ideas for your own new year's resolutions? Here are some ideas from some of the HSSV alumni:

Resolution #1: Do some yoga.
"This is what I call 'kitten's pose'" -- Charley

Resolution #2: Make new friends.
"I lick you.  Now we are friends." -- Leif

Resolution #3: Read more.
"I may be blind, but I can tell when you skip a paragraph, dude." -- Mitz

Resolution #4: Be braver.
"Peekaboo!" -- Theodore

Resolution #5: Make time for family.
"Don't forget to call your mother, dear!" -- Pixie

Resolution #6: Floss.
"Do I have something in my teeth?" -- Bronco

Happy 2014 from all the cats at HSSV!

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  1. Sweet & real!! Well kitty cats may also live by: "let us live with u," "let us live," " living daily."