Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Peeing Outside Isn't My Biggest Priority...." Staff Dog's New Years Resolutions

It's that time of year again - the time we make all sorts of promises that we might or might not keep. Big promises, little promises, all sorts of promises. We asked some of our staff dogs what changes they'd like to try to make in 2014. All of these guys are former rescue/shelter pooches who were adopted by Humane Society Silicon Valley staff and come to work alongside their owners every day.

You want some of this, big dog?
Elmo, Marketing Mutt.

"I really enjoy finding the biggest, scariest dog I can find and screaming dog obscenities at him. As this drives my mom nuts, I'm going to give it up in the New Year. And I'm going to try and help promote Humane Society Silicon Valley so everyone knows that the most awesome dogs in the world come through these doors."

Cookies? Someone said cookies?
Jambo (front) and Otto (back), Finance Fidos.

Jambo: "Drool. I have a huge drool problem. Oceans of it. And I steal the other dog's stuffies. I'm going to try and control my drool issue and keep my mouth off of Otto's stuffed bee. I'm also going to make sure we do the best possible job managing our funds so we can help even more animals".

Otto: "Cookies.....more cookies....".

You have NO IDEA how tasty that sofa is.
Mad Max, Executive Administrative Puppy.

"Look, I'm four months old. I can say I'm going to work really hard on peeing outside but let's be realistic. I do have a lot of hope that over the next year that sofa will stop looking as delicious as it does right now. On a larger scale, I'm a little dog with a big job. I'm going to keep this ship running as smoothly as I can. The better we do our jobs, the more animals we can help. So you can see why peeing outside isn't my biggest priority.".

That squirrel is a trespassing miscreant that must be stopped.
Luna, Medical Center Shepherd.

"I'm really willing to work on my squirrel problem provided the squirrel is willing to work on staying out of my yard. If we can find a compromise there, I see a strong chance of resolution. My other resolution is that we keep on providing high quality care for the animals in our care. We save so many lives by being able to treat animals that other shelters can't. We're going to do even more this year!".

I've got better pipes than that Susan Boyle lady.
Pelusa, Rescue and Foster Team Fluffball.

"I don't really need a resolution. I don't shed, I'm small and fluffy, what more do you want? Sure, I bark sometimes but I have a beautiful voice. Of course I sing the song of my people in welcome.  Over in the Rescue and Foster Department, my resolution is to find even more amazing foster homes. Our foster homes allow us to save even more lives and transfer in even more pups from other crowded shelters. I share my family with fosters - it's actually fun. Like a sleepover party."

That cat is like a candy factory.
Frances, Marketing Mutt.

"I'm going to stop eating out of the cat box.

Ok, I lied. I'm not going to stop. But I am going to keep telling the stories of all the wonderful, happy things that happen here. People think shelters are these sad places but we're not like that. We're a place where new beginnings start and where people meet new family members. And that's amazing."

I will not acknowledge the new year until this thing comes off.
Peanut, Development Dog.

"Being a private non-profit means we can be more innovative and save lives that other shelters can't. When I got here, I had a bad leg injury that other shelters couldn't treat. Here they were able to remove my bad leg, save my life and find me a home - and a job! We're a safety net for animals here. But to do that, we have to get donations, which is my job. My resolution is to keep on keepin' on. Raising money, helping animals, finding them homes. And I'm going to get on that just as soon as I get this stinkin' hat off. "

All of the staff dogs of HSSV wish you a happy 2014 and remind you that happiness begins with a rescued pet. We hope to see you soon. 

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