Wednesday, December 4, 2013

They're Massive, They're Adorable, They're Holiday Jolly, They Are......PUPPYZILLA!

We see a lot of big pups here at HSSV. Eight month old, nine month old pups. Adolescents with lanky legs and oversized paws. That doesn't shock us. What does shock us?

I am made of lead. You have cookie? 


Ten weeks old. Twenty plus pounds. Paws like canned hams. Mom weighed in at over eighty pounds. We didn't see Dad but we're guessing he wasn't a petite fella. Not only were they huge, there were nine of them. Four of them have found new homes already but we're still in possession of over 100 lbs of ginormous monster puppy.

To give you some perspective a car tire weighs twenty pounds and the average two year old child weighs twenty five pounds.

Not a puppy.
Possibly a puppy but unlikely.
While both of these things are awesome, they're not PUPPYZILLA.

While you can definitely cuddle a toddler, cuddling a tire is generally a bad idea. You'll get dirt all over you and that weird rubber smell on your hands.

Either way, both toddlers and tires are large. Very large. And yet our Puppyzillas trump them both, size wise.

So why would you want a Puppyzilla? First of all, these guys are super-duper well socialized. They love people and were even tolerant of being stuffed into holiday outfits.

Close your eyes and remember what dignity felt like. 

For being the size of a 32 inch flat screen television, they actually do get pretty active.

You are size of Volkswagen. I am size of Volkswagen. Who wins?
They love to play tuggies and chase things. For pups they're pretty mellow and snuggly. Gigantic but mellow. Things to know before adopting an enormo-puppy?

They will only get bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Forget car tire, think tractor tire. These guys are going to be enormous lumbering Dogzillas. If you thought your socks were in danger, think more like your towels. These puppies could floss with socks. Your socks are probably too small for the puppies to wear on their mondo-pancake paws.

Look - I can fit the whole thing in my mouth!
Other reasons you would want a Puppyzilla? Because they're awesome and fun. Because they look like this:

All I have left is petty acts of rebellion. 

Because should you ever want to crush an entire city like this:

Possible father of puppies but temperament is dissimilar.

We have a puppy for you. Unlike Godzilla Puppyzillas have no ill intentions. If they eat a train car it's probably because it resembles one of those KONG play sticks that you can put peanut butter in. Our Puppyzillas have been through a temperament test and have great, sweet personalities. These are NOT guard dogs - they're big loaves of love sponge who adore strangers. They're not the most graceful creatures in the world - like most puppies they tend to stagger around and trip over their own (huge) feet. So you might lose one or two small buildings to clumsiness.

Puppyzillas are available for adoption at our Milpitas Animal Community Center. For more info go to or call us at 1 (408) 262-2133 ext 150.

I don't fit on the lap. Sigh.


  1. Look at those big gigantic babies! Love your blog, keep 'em coming. They are definitely a bright spot in my day!

  2. What breed(s) are these pups? Our Keiko looks exactly like one of them!

  3. Puppyzillas mom was an 80 lb pibble mix. The parentage of dad is unknown but we're thinking some mastiff or bullmastiff might have snuck in there. Would Keiko like an adorable little brother or sister? (Okay, maybe not little...)