Monday, December 2, 2013

Some Helpful Holiday Gift Advice From Humane Society Silicon Valley

Bad Gift: The Nap Pillow You Wear.

This is just…..sad. If you know someone who needs this please get them a two week vacation and a session with a stress therapist instead. Or maybe a better job.

Good Gift: The HSSV Tribute Card.

Don't know what to get the person who has everything? Tribute card time. You make a donation of $10 or more in the  recipient's name and fill out a simple form here. We send them a card letting them know what you did. You even get to pick the card!

Bad Gift: Sleeping Bag Pants.

We cannot possibly imagine a scenario in which these would come in handy. Maybe if you were camping somewhere that is infested with large predators and feared having to get up and run in the middle of the night.

Good Gift: HSSV Tribute Card.

Are you stymied trying to pick out something for your boss? Don't want to get weird Aunt Trudy any more artificial flower arrangements? You definitely want to check out our tribute cards.

Bad Gift: The Pet Petter Machine.

Because we all know how much cats love sitting next to strange machines that make lots of noise and reach for them. And we all know that no dog would take one look at that thing and start barking at it. Or try to play tug of war with it.

Good Gift: The HSSV Tribute Card.
Get the pet lover in your life something that they'll really appreciate. Donations from these cards support our animals. Don't scare a cat with that contraption, save one instead! Tribute cards are also available at our Milpitas Animal Community Center. 

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