Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The 12 Strays Of Christmas

Since we're right up on top of the holiday, we're going to forsake the usual blog entry for a sing along. We changed up the lyrics but you can at least hum along if you know the tune. If you don't, just make one up. 

Our first stray of Christmas came to us as:

If you think I'm cute now wait until Easter. I rock the bunny ears.
One Fostered Foundling!

Our second stray of Christmas can be known as:

I was told there would be cheese for doing this.
A Silly Shiba Inu Mix.

For the third stray of Christmas we're happy to present:

You got cheese? Unfair! I got a cookie. I'd like to talk to management.
A Puzzled Pomeranian Cross.

As the fourth stray of Christmas we think that you should meet:

I think 'merry' is stretching it, guys...
A Merry Mastiff Modelling a Wreath.

For the fifth stray of Christmas we're pleased to announce:

Cheese? I would have worn the antlers for cheese. 
A White Weiner-mutt Wailing Carols.

The sixth stray of Christmas is revealed to be:

Guys, one of us might have pooped in this box. We're just sayin'.
A Cardboard Carton Of Cuteness.

For the seventh stray of Christmas we proudly present:

There's not enough cheese in the world to make this okay! I rebel!
A Chihuahua Chomping on Holiday Cheer.

And the eight stray of Christmas waiting for a home:

Ummm....woof. Woof woof. Arf?
Is a gate crashing kitten.

(Waaaaaaittt - who let the kitten in? How did the kitten get in? Thursdays are dog blog days.)


The ninth stray of Christmas we'd like to introduce:

If they break out the hot dogs I'll not only wear the antlers, I'll pull the sled.
A Pretty Pibble Princess Wearing Pine.

And the tenth stray of Christmas we're happy to reveal:

Of course I'm being good! Sadie mentioned the possibility of hot dogs.
A Be-ribboned Baxter Being Good.

The eleventh stray of Christmas came to us as:

Cheese, hot dogs, cookies, tennis balls, it's all good. Whatever.
A Bully Beauty Basking In the Sun

And for the final Stray of Christmas we give you:

Dear Santa, think cheese-covered hot dogs. Thank you, Sienna.
One Patient Pooch People Watching At Christmas In the Park.

Do you know what these guys would love more than hot dogs, cookies, cheese or even cheese-dogs with cookie relish? To come home with you. During December adoption fees on all animals over six months is just $12 with our Home For The Holiday promotion.

All of the dogs here are from our Animal Community Center in Milpitas, CA. All of the little, little pups (in the hat and the box) are still in our foster care program. When they're old enough for new homes they'll be posted on our website so keep an eye out there for them. Not everyone here is a stray. Some came in from owners and some were transferred in from other shelters but 'The 12 Dogs From Different Sources Of Christmas' just didn't have the same ring to it. 

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