Wednesday, December 11, 2013

These Guys Love Crime TV But Are Really, Really Sick Of Us.

I'm too young to be this jaded. 
The holidays can bring out the best in everyone but it can also be too much togetherness. You know how it is - all of a sudden you've got relatives you haven't seen since 1994 in your house, your kitchen smells like other people's cooking mistakes and all you really want is to curl up on your sofa in your ugly flannel jammies with your dog and watch that Law & Order Marathon.

Trust me, the dogs of Humane Society Silicon Valley know that feeling very well. They are, quite frankly, a little sick of us. Following them around with cameras, badgering them with cookies - they're just over this whole thing and would really like to be the other half of that duo on your sofa. Wait, it's the Special Victims Unit marathon? They are SO in. Take them home and save them from the repeated indiginities we subject them to weekly. And with our Home For The Holidays promotion the adoption fee for adult animals is only $12! Bust out the footie pajamas and fire up the Netflix and come in to meet your new couch-buddy-family-member! And unlike weird Uncle Stan, we promise these guys won't bore you with three hour stories about that trip they took to Des Moines in '07.

My pleading look is not having the desired result. 
Deniro is just done with this whole, thing. Really. He's been tolerating us for over six months. Halloween costumes, doggy jackets and now this. This is just the icing on the cake. He's five, loves to cuddle, has a cute little tail-less butt and thinks Ice-T was the best casting decision Law and Order ever made. 

A leafy neckpiece? Seriously? That better be cheese you're holding.
D.J. is too much of a gentleman to make a fuss about this but he's hoping the dirty look gets his point across. He thought he was going outside for a nice play session and the next thing you know, SURPRISE! Holiday outfits. He forgives us for this but just barely. Secretly he has a crush on Detective Benson but would die if you told anyone. 

Santa hat, toy - six of one, half dozen of the other.
June Bug is not even going to put up with this any more. A Santa hat? Really? We're going to tie something that looks suspiciously like a stuffed toy on her head and expect her not to eat it? Are we nuts? She thinks Criminal Intent was a better show but as long as it's time with you she's up for some serious TV. 

I'll kiss you back when you show me you don't have anything with bells on it.
Tanzy has a good idea she knows where this is going and she's not having it. Really. She put up with the jokes about how small she is but when it comes to the holiday gear, don't even try to butter her up for that. Put the hat on yourself. While she finds the technology they use on Law & Order to be completely unrealistic, it's fun to watch and she RULES at cuddling. 

Oh the humanity...
Fine, just fine. If this is what we want to do then sweet Sadie supposes she'll put up with it because she likes us. She really, really wishes we could do something more fun instead - maybe go for a walk, find another big dog for her to play with - but if dress up is what we want she's always a good sport. At nine years old, she LOVES her TV time and thinks all crime shows are a-okay. Are you making popcorn? You should make popcorn. 

All of these awesome adoptables are waiting for you to come adopt them and save them from future blog entries. Did we mention our holiday promotion? The one where everyone over six months old has their adoption fee reduced to just $12? 

No dogs were harmed in the making of this. Everyone actually had a good time and got cheese and hot dogs for being such awesome sports. These were actually the out-takes from a series of beautiful holiday shots our awesome photography volunteers did. To see the real, beautiful holiday pics, check out these guy's profiles on our website.

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