Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Friday, White Bunnies: Shop Local!

Fee-free rabbits until November 30th!

This Black Friday, don't freeze your toes off standing in ridiculous lines outside of Walmart after stuffing your belly with...well, stuffing...the night before.  Sleep in and spend your day strolling our Rabitat and meeting all the fluffy white bunnies here at HSSV!  Why spend your hard-earned cash on the latest gadget when you could spend nothing for a loving family companion?  These sweet snowy buns would be thankful for the love and who knows, may even convince you that you are a rabbit person after all.  So get into the holiday spirit and let us introduce you to the wonderful white rabbits available for adoption here at HSSV:

This sweet little girl is quite the love bug.  Not only does she love full body massages, she also doesn't mind being held!  Plus, she looks adorable with a beard.

"Ho-ho-hope I get a home soon!"

The goofy one of the bunch, Fergus is full of personality.  He'll dazzle you with his joyful binkies and his ability to construct an elaborate mansion out of a cardboard box using only his teeth.  Impressive.

"You think these elf ears are cute, check out the ones under the hat.  I know, adorable."

 An easy-going, mellow lady who is happy with the simple things in life -- hay, hay, and more hay.
"Is this box made of hay?  No?  That's ok, I'll eat it anyway."

 An introverted intellectual, Gecko is a friendly, reserved guy looking for true love.  He adores quiet company and even loves books (although more so for chewing than for reading).

"Just call me the red-eyed reindeer."

Never had a bun before?  Don't fret!  Our adoption team will prepare you for life as a new bunny owner and give you all the resources you will need to make your new fuzzy friend as happy as can be in your home!  So avoid the mall and recover from your food coma at one of our three adoption locations.  Our bunnies will be glad you did!

Two of our Saratoga Satellite buns, Squirrel and Vanna
"Happy hopping!  I mean, shopping!"

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