Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Labs Are Made Of Happy.

They are connoisseurs of tennis balls. Passionate partakers of the kiddy pool. Dedicated imbibers of all things treat shaped. 

Treat? Ball? Neither? We're still psyched!
They are The Labs. And they are made of happy. 

They are family fun waiting to happen - just add water. Beach trip? Let's go! Right now! Did you bring the tennis balls? Don't forget the tennis balls! Lake? Fantastic! Large puddle of water? We can work with that! Just grab the ball!

It's like a Dixie cup full of lab. 
If Mickey and Minnie weren't the physical embodiment of the word 'joy' they would almost be a sad story. Unfortunately anyone who uses the word sad around these two has obviously not met them. But this is how their story goes:

Mickey grinning because…well, probably for no reason. 
Mickey and Minnie are found together. They go to a municipal shelter where Minnie is diagnosed with breast cancer. No one claims them. They are split up so Minnie can get surgery. Both dogs immediately become miserable. Mickey is sent to us while Minnie has her surgery because the other shelter desperately needs to make room. 

Minnie smiling for much the same reason. Or lack of reason.
After Minnie recuperates from her surgery, we go pick her up and the two are reunited here. They are besides themselves with joy at being together again. Ridiculously so. They become The Happiest Dogs On The Planet. And they stay happy. It's almost as if they're two dog bodies with one brain in it. And that brain broadcasts the same thing over and over again: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

Mickey ecstatic over the ball. Minnie ecstatic because Mickey has the ball.
The lab report comes back: the doctors got all of the cancer and she is now cancer free.* 

Mickey overjoyed to be biting Minnie's tail. 
Physically, Mickey is estimated to be about eight years old and Minnie around eleven. It's a little tough to tell because they were in pretty rough shape when they came in - thin, with patchy coats. That said, add water or a dog park and both dogs become about six months old. They romp. They run. They chase each other and play King of the Pool. They chase the much revered Ball.  For two senior dogs, they are entirely capable of wearing out athletic adult dog volunteers. 

They do need to be adopted together as they seem to be two components of one single dog. They even sleep in an adorable ying-yang configuration.

It is impossible not to smile in their presence. 

You probably need to smile. You should come meet them. Right now. 

*Yes, we know we said 'lab report'.

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