Thursday, July 7, 2016

Three Kittens Who Know Your Daily Struggle.

It's a big weekend coming up. Biiiiiiiig. Why? It's a Petco National Adoption Weekend. Petco wants to help as many animals as possible find good homes. Since we're working towards the same goal (and it's the middle of kitten season) we had this crazy idea: Two Days. Two Locations. One Hundred Kittens. We'll have one hundred kittens for adoption between our Petco Sunnyvale NAC and our Petco West San Jose NAC. One hundred little fuzznuggets looking for forever homes. To help them entice these prospective homes we're doing $10 kitten adoptions at those locations. And since kittens love to be in pairs (and you're more likely to get some sleep if you adopt a pair) we're also doing $15 pair-o-kitten adoptions. It's like Kitten-Palooza. A kitten riot. Kitten bedlam.

But this kitten is still not impressed. 
Don't have a kitten? Wondering why you might want to adopt one? The most obvious answer is that they're  snuggly, silly, loving and will give you 15-20 years of companionship. If that's still not enough reason, let us introduce three kittens that feel your pain.

I just feel it sets a bad example for civility in every day life...
Shasta is just over this whole election thing. The mudslinging, the rhetoric, the tabloid-esque coverage. She thinks it's just over the top. She remembers when politics had dignity. She's never gotten to vote (she's only ten weeks old) but she's always considered herself a staunch independent who votes on issues, not parties. Now she doesn't know what to do. Except maybe bat around that catnip mouse, scratch on the her cardboard scritchie thing and hope someone comes to Petco Sunnyvale this weekend and adopts her. Not only does she really need a forever home, it would take her mind off all the political stress. 

I  need to feel like I can believe in what I do. 
Sage really wanted to study graphic design and art history when she was a little older but now she worries about keeping her career and earning potential options open. It's a tough thing, wondering what industries will be peaking down the line. Particularly if you've only been on the planet for 75 days, give or take. Coding? Business? What should she be looking towards that she can still feel passionate about? She knows she can always fall back on unspooling the toilet paper, chasing the laser pointer and making sure she goes in the litter box so that's probably what she'll go with. In the mean time, she's hoping lots of good people have done ROI analyses on the benefits of this week's Petco $10 kitten adoption event and will be rushing down to meet her. 

We're lacking foresight and it's got a lot of environmental re-purrr-cussions.
Buttercup is all aflutter about the increasing traffic in the Bay Area. The roads here are gridlocked all the time. And doesn't the fact that they're gridlocked with Teslas and Prius's just indicate a lack of moral consistency? She doesn't get it. You have to plan trips to the grocery store like troop movements to avoid being stuck in traffic for hours. It's definitely effecting quality of life. She considers herself an evangelical for long term infrastructure improvements around transit issues. She also considers herself reasonably decent about not shredding the curtains, good with dogs, and an absolute ninja when it comes to chasing down that little jingle ball. She's hoping that onerous travel times won't impede people from coming out to Petco Sunnyvale on Saturday and Sunday to take her home. 

If you don't see a viewpoint you stand behind represented here, come down to our Petco NAC's this weekend anyway. With ONE HUNDRED kittens, you're sure to find your soulmate kitty. We'll see you there. 

100 or bust!

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