Thursday, June 23, 2016

Seven Years, Seventeen Lives. Meet Our Littlest Big Kitten Hero.

This is Emma. She's seven.

She's a busy kid. There's school, chores, soccer...

All sorts of things. Plus she's ridiculously bright and well spoken so we imagine she spends a good amount of time reading and studying, though she does find time to relax occasionally...

But even when she does, she's still sort of working. Because Emma has a bit of a secret identity. She's a Foster Kitten Superhero. And has been since she was knee high to a grasshopper. 

Emma's mom Kristine is pretty stinkin' awesome herself. She's been fostering bottle baby kittens forever so when Emma came along, Kristine just recruited her to the cause. It's been all hands on deck ever since. 

Together with her mom, Emma has helped save over seventeen kittens. Which is a lot of lives to have saved in just seven years on this planet. 

She's grown up saving kittens. And from what we understand, she digs it. 

She's even found other ways to help the animals here. Emma's always been an amazing kid but she's growing up to be someone who will change the world. 

Emma helps feed the kittens, clean up after them and socializes them to go out into the world and be kid-lovin', well adjusted cats. 

Sometimes people ask us if they can foster if they have kids. We have just one answer for you...

Meet Emma.

And meet some of the kittens she's saved...

Aaaand some more..

How about a few more?

Does that answer the question?

If you'd like to foster with your family, we have foster classes every other week. And we need you. 

If you don't live in the area but your interest in piqued, contact your local shelter. It's kitten season and everyone needs help right now. Don't know your local shelter? Google it!


  1. Thank you! I just love Emma and this story. The photos could not be cuter.

  2. If this kid put up a GoFundMe page for food, vet care donations, I would gladly kick in.

  3. Nice work Emma. By the time you grow up, you sure will be an expert on care care. ��

    1. Ooops typo, I meant "cat care."