Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cheechoo, We Need To Have A Talk..

Hey Cheechoo...

Why have you been here so long?

Don't know. Rub the belly.
Seriously - you're awesome. First of all there's your ears...

What's up with my ears? They're just ears. 
And that's just the cosmetics. You're housebroken and have been working hard on your crate training. 

I do. And I deserve a belly rub. 
You're like the best walking buddy EVER. You'll go forever and are so good with your harness. You make us want to spend more time outside. 

I love outside. You've got to take your people for walks. 
And you're a smarty pants, too. We heard you graduated near the top of your Obedience Class and pulled off this ace trick with a treat on your nose.

Ppppffffhhhht. You flatter me. 
So why have you been here for over six months? This makes NO sense to us. 

Don't know. The flowers are nice though. Is that a treat in your hand?
And you've overcome so much. That awful flea allergy and all those medicated baths. You were so scaly and itchy and sad when we met you. You were such a champ about all the treatments. Now it's under control and you look fabulous. 

Much happier now. Not so itchy all the time. Is that a treat?
And no matter what you've been through and how long you've been here you're still just MADE of happy. You're never in a bad mood, never depressed - you are optimism personified. Everyone loves you.

Ryan is good people. Everyone is good people. Particularly if they rub the belly. 
So it's time for you to find your own peeps, Cheechoo. This has gone on long enough. We need to find you a family that can handle all your awesomeness.

Are you sick of me? 
No, we're not sick of you. We love you. You just deserve better. You're eight years old. Your time is now. 

So I need to find some peeps that need me? 
We can do that Cheechoo. We can find some folks that need snuggling and walks. We're working on it right now.


  1. Cheechoo is SUPER polite taking treats too! He reaches out so delicately and plucks them gently from your hand. This guy absolutely OOZES good manners. <3

  2. I wonder how well he'd get along with a snarky little 4-year-old dog who thinks she's the Alpha (except around me)?