Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Smack Talking Dog Throwdown! Vote DOGS!

If you haven't heard, we're taking the great debate public: dogs vs cats. Click here  to vote for your favorite pet and register for a chance to win two tickets to our Furball gala in April. Send postcards to your friends urging them to vote for even more chances to win! Next week, the cats are going to come out to rally for votes and throw some mud* on their opponents but in this week's dog blog, the adoptable pooches of HSSV implore you to vote dog. 

Per Our Pooches, Five Reasons To Vote Dog.

What's in that box? It's delicious. 
1) I'm Man's Best Friend. He's Your Weird Roommate That Poops In A Box. 

Per Petey: Wait, hold on - he's allowed to poop in the house? I'd never poop in your house. Not only will I never poop in the house, I'll always be stoked to see you when you come home. And when you want to hang out with me, I won't give you a dirty look and go hide under the bed, I promise. 

Party on Paws: that's right, I am one. 
2) That Cat's Not Catching Your Frisbee. 

Carly responds: Want to play ball? Don't call him. Do you know what happens if you throw me a toy? A party. It turns into a party. And it can go on for hours. You know what happens if you throw the cat a toy? You get a dirty look and the toy stays on the ground. And no one enjoys that. It's pretty clear to me: Like fun? Vote dog. 

I love the smell of the wind in my ears. And rabbit poop. 
3) You Can Take Your Cat Hiking - If You've Got About Six Weeks To Burn. 

Corky's got this one: Okay, so we'll admit that there are some cats that walk on leash and walk pretty well. There was Muffin, who's since been adopted, and this guy. But here's the thing: they're not going anywhere quickly. You take a walk with the cat, you walk at the cat's pace. You take a walk with me, we walk at your pace. Jogging? That's cool, too. You try and take the cat jogging you're coming home with bloody legs and a furious cat. 

Pibble soup! Get it? 
4)  I Need A Bath And Both Of Us Will Survive This.

Danny Boy: Look, it's not my favorite thing in the world. There's this soap that smells weird, and the awful hosey thing and sometimes they try and clean your ears and you're like "Hey lady, I'm not putting my paws in your head, let's not get overly familiar here". But it's not the end of the world. You just take a deep breath, maybe sigh a lot and get that look like you're being axe-murdered and you get through it. Unless you're a cat. Then you flay someone alive if they try and bathe you. Like clean pets and want to live? Sounds like a vote for dog to me!

If I'm upset with you, I might eat your shoe but I'm not going to sneak-pee in it.
5) The Cat Is A Little Sneak. 

Panda says: I'm a dog. I'm about as subtle as a clown in a funeral parlor. Seriously, if I want to follow you into the bathroom and watch you shower, you're going to know about it. You'll hear my nails on the floor, I'll bump into the door on my way in and probably stick my nose around the shower curtain to make sure you're okay in there. The cat, though, he's sneaky. You'll be showering away thinking you're all by your lonesome. Then you go to get out and BAM, there he is, sitting on the back of the toilet, staring at you. No one needs a Janet Leigh moment like that, seriously. Vote Dog for the win. 

Can't we all just get along? 

*We really, really hope that's mud.

PS - Beware the Maui-gator.

We hear they run wild around here. Or sleep wild. 

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