Friday, December 16, 2011

I am Cherry - The Next Big Thing

I am getting so much practice at the foster lady’s house.  Sometimes it makes me very tired and I have to say “lady pretty please can I have a break?”  But for most of the time, it makes me feel tingly inside, like I’m doing very good things.  

The lady says I made great “pro-gress” this week because I jumped up on the couch for the first time just so I could say hello.  Most of the time, I get very nervous around the big scary couch and the lady being so tall.  But this time I said, “you’re not that scary, you big couch.  I am going to jump on you.”  So I did.

I decided the Next Big Thing I was going to learn was to cuddle with Big Bouncer and Old Emily on the floor.  The lady lives with both of them.

Big Bouncer wants to play with me all the time but I say, "No Big Bouncer.  You are too big and noisy.  Go away."  So instead of playing, the lady brings out treaties, which I love.  I am saying, "Put those treats in my belly, lady!"

My next Next Big Thing to learn is how to get into the cabinet so I could have treaties whenever I wanted.

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