Friday, January 4, 2019

A Blog of Lofty New Year's Resolutions


Kara's intentions for the new year are clear. More kisses, and more snuggs. "Wildly affectionate" is a deeply misleading term - it doesn't truly encompass Kara's profound desire to cover her favorite people's faces with her kisses and burrow into them on the couch.

Thanks for the face, friend. It's delicious.

She's a fan fave amongst volunteers - and for good reason. She's sweet as pie, great on the leash, and has affectionately been labeled Chief Kissing Officer of HSSV.

Wanna join me?

Want to help Kara keep up with her resolutions this year? Come meet her! Bring your face!

Thanks, wuv you.


Ashton craves attention. His New Year's resolution is to get as much attention as possible - in all forms. Want to play with him? Cool, he loves toys. Want to pet his surprisingly soft fur all over? Great, do that. What about attention from other dogs? He's game.

Hi. Pet me.

This sweet senior boy may be blind, but he's fully taught himself to rely on his other senses to do what he does best - seek attention all for himself. If Ashton was a person, he'd be made for the stage. But since he's not, we think he's just made for an awesome home. Preferably one with lots of people to dole out - what? Attention. Yep, you got it folks.

I thought you were gonna pet me, so I got excited.


Tyrion's resolution for the new year is honestly a bit of a humblebrag. This unruly boy spent a few months in a foster home, and now he has really, really good house manners. His New Year's resolution is to use those house manners by landing his very own house. 

Run around and knock things over? Nah. I like to be snug as a bug in a rug.

Tyrion is king of making himself at home under blankets and cozying up to people. He saves his fun energy for the outdoors, where it belongs. 

Have a blanket that's missing a dog? We have just the one for you. Come meet Tyrion!

This blanket. I likes it.

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